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The Most Successful Cold Email Eric Has Ever Written


Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them. To a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream. Host DOT COM slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to eight other episode of marketing. Skoll I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about the most successful cold email that we've written so I think a while back we've talked about the nine word email. This is from a copywriter named Dean Jackson. He's legendary in many circles. So the nine word emails basically this. Let's say I sell houses and Neil often to my list. Neal's not ready to buy a house necessarily but he just likes my website. 'cause I have the best houses in Beverly Hills or something so you know maybe six months down the road I might send Neil evil might hit my entire emails Neil. Are you still interested in a home in Beverly Hills right? That's not necessarily nine words. It's roughly nine words. But it's a very simple email that you can send to your list and it drives engagement because you're evoking curiosity kind of the point last episode that we did but it's also interesting and then also you got to keep in mind that people are not necessarily ready to buy immediately when the Ogden fearless but maybe later the timing might be right so you send us every could be every quarter could be every six months or so and I cannot. I mean doing this for our mastermind. That's worked well. It's gotten across a couple of mastermind people for growth accelerator. I've done this for phone. Calls for the agency phone calls for our agency accelerator program. It just works really well at. It's so simple. Most people tend to over complicate their emails too much. Some of my most accessible emails have been through using this my most successful cold emails were emailing the CEO of large corporations some publicly traded. First off you can google and find their email right. There's a lot of tools like violent norbert or hunter dot. Io where you can try to find the email addresses and email like. Hey John and a really super busy you can forward this to your CMO or whatever department trying to get a hold of. That'd be great. I've away to boost your sales or boost your traffic by X. Y. and Z. percent. I won't bore you with the details. Hope you're having a wonderful day cheers. Neil and I don't know this person but a lot of times they'll actually forward it is what. Ceo doesn't want more traffic or more revenue or sales. And they don't want to deal with this littler team deal with it and when they forwarded over people assume that you know the CEO. I never said I did. But people assume and you have their engagement. And in many cases they convert into paying customers. Oops screwed up. It's a cold email might tipples for warm evils but cold email. I actually remember email that Neil an i. We worked on this for a little bit. We hit up Zingo. When are getting into poker and the key thing here is when you reach out to the Sea. You keep it brief. We kept very brief like. Hey we've actually been in his face before we know how this all works and then basically what happened was CEO for the this to the leaders at the time for people that are trying to push the online poker Ford unfortunately they scrapped the plans for that. But Neil and I. We did get deepening conversations. And we've done this in the past. You just find out what the people are interested in. Neil you reached out to someone that was kind of going through a scandal and discuss a billionaire. And you got that person to respond yet. It's all about what angle can you end up playing? And if you can leverage angle or pain point in most cases you get people to respond. The other cold emails to his people who are doing

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