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In New York they wanted to go to Florida


The border Florida said with the new Yorkers because of the risks that they are going to bring the infections with them so some people are discovering that they are in a location different from where they normally live doctors nurses who live in Texas a tax free state are now spending months in New York helping out with the virus what how does all this matter it's real simple in a lot of states including New York they declare you to be all state residents if you spend six months on a day in the state twelve people who would normally only spent a few months in New York and the rest of the time in Florida where it's state income tax free guess what they couldn't get the Florida they're ending up spending a hundred and eighty three days in New York with the highest income taxes in rough country and especially I feel badly not so much for the billionaires who just didn't manage to get their private jet to Miami beach it's those doctors and nurses who went to New York to help out and now we're going to be deemed to be New York residents and forced to pay income taxes

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In New York they wanted to go to Florida

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