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Ross and Carrie Stand Tall: Posture Correction Edition


Hello and welcome to Ono. Rawson carry the show where we don't just report on science for Quality and claims of the paranormal but take part herself Yep when they made the claims we show up. So you don't have to. I'm Kerry poppy and our rose bludger and we are talking today about Good Posture About being upright citizens. We're not quite a brigade though correct. This is something that many people suggested to us but also the Internet suggested to us so many time every day social media for months on end. You've seen it as you're scrolling through your feed looking at your friends getting angry political news you see some attractive person and their slouched over and then all of a sudden they sit bolt and they've got a little white thing on the back of their backs and you're like they're instantly more fuck double. Wow Oh my goodness look how? She went from zero to hero just by straightening her posture. A nine point four before and now she's trying to avoid using the rating system share or some handsome Muslim guy. And he's doing the same thing it's like. Oh look at that Slob. So sad and I'm in black and white right now my life one second later. Oh he put his shoulder now my life so it seems like the main culprit is the right word here but the main product is upright upright. Go Upright Go. Yeah that's the one you can buy a couple different versions of it. So we kept seeing that but there's also a whole host of similar products and ones that also are kind of just braces annual. So we thought. Let's give these a shah. Let's see if we can improve our postures which I think is a good goal I think so and I'm not just posturing when I say that I have always felt that. My posture is poor. Yes same here. And Wow Ross rude about myself I can see how it would have come across that way. It's one of the things that you see in other people very easily like. Oh she slouches a lot. But it's harder to see on yourself because you're in your own body that's right but you know catch myself for hours on anti spend a lot of time in front of computers too and I'll realize for a long time my but Has Been on the very edge of the sea in the rest of me is just slouched back and I think Oh this is turtle. Pose is not sustainable. I share you're doing right now and you're sustaining it. Just clearly sustainable for hours on or yeah the reverse which hunching forward and I'm more of the hunter forwarder. Yeah I I do both. I'm shifter I don't stay in place for long is funny once. I gave an hour long lecture and I watched it later and for some reason I had to like kind of watching in fast mode or scrubbing through it or something and I just saw like I was doing this. Sorta dance okay where you're like one would sort of shift out forward and then the other foot would and I've realized over time like I don't hold still well always just assume that that's kind of healthy because then I don't get the equivalent of bedsores or whatever. I'm always kind of moving around where I'm situated but certainly I could have better posture. I henceforward easily and my mom. I guess has mild scoliosis. I can't actually see it but I guess the doctor has told her that okay and it ended up really harming her lower back she had to get a cage put in there in her older age. Oh goodness yeah so. I'm trying to pay attention to my posture. Least cognizant of it. So it's on my short list of things that are just general. Good life advice like eat healthy drink. Lots of water get exercise. Yeah look after your posture All of those things are just good. Advice read forever you carried. Yeah or have someone read to you. The air clean might reduce reuse recycle rights. I feel like this could be an episode because you know we spend a Lotta time talking about bad ideas. There are good ideas out there. True and last one you said. He has a tate's his lost seven because I hesitated to understand that yet. Look before you leap. It's so funny every now and then I'll come across a phrase that my wife hasn't heard and just how did you miss that? The other day was a stitch in time saves nine. Oh yes like did you. Just make that up. Who tatton heard six of one half dozen dot? That's crazy and now that you taught me that of course of course here it all the time and then I always want to send it to you. I saw it yes. It's a phrase in English language. Your current I were first dating. I want said something about like. Oh I know how that really gets your goat. And she's like that be very funny. You ever the verse as an adult. Think what what is what does that mean to explain like well. It means nothing right. Nothing at all English idioms or strange. What was the other one? Good enough for government work. You know what I had never heard that until probably like age twenty because I remember hearing it and being like what so there you go. How did we get there anyways? Oh good rules good rules. So there are lots of them out there and one of them is to have good posture. So if one of these devices can help you and me have better posture. That's a good thing. Why not I say. Let's do it. Why not well? We'll be back next week to tell you how just kidding. That's not how we do that. Show a we actually bought this a long time ago. Yes when we were buying our foot pads for our foot detox episodes and you know what I had one before that. Is You really my aforementioned mother so a couple of years ago? I think it was on some online wishlist. I had my mid put it on there. I was like yeah. That sounds cool. See if I can improve my posture. So my mom saw it and got it for me and then I can't remember why I I know I didn't use it but I can't remember if that was just plain laziness surf I tried to and ran into some bug and never picked it up again or what but I had one and it was the upright go original which is not available anymore You can't even buy version one. I think when I bought ours there was still the option to get the first one but we a the upright goto. Yes the sequel. Well the one I had had a magnet to connect it to you instead of adhesive. What I'm pretty sure you can't buy this on anymore. A magnet seed. Put it so you have to wait. No I know where you're going with this. Make yourself metal. Yeah exactly so you have. Someone surgically embedded metal plate into your back and then that attach is on the outside. Original Upright is the mark of the beast. Okay Yeah Oh so. It's the back of the right hand or on the forehead. Okay yes if you would put it on the inside of your shirt facing out and then the magnetic attachment onto other side. It's holding onto your shirt sure. Oh that's interesting. Yeah and Ha- during this experiment as we were experimenting with the newer versions. I thought well I'M GONNA put that one on so went and found it and put it on and no longer speaks to the APP. It's useless but I wanted to feel it on my body and I gotta say they have improved things because even though I would love the idea of not having to use an adhesive strip over and over your shirt moves too much. It's not your back shirts. Not your back I'm Kerry poppy. That's quite learns. Yeah he's strips. Were never part of my life before this podcast and now they are touche. Same things that need to adhere to your skin. If one day we find out that like tape is the main cause of cancer were fucked. Let's hope that doesn't so the the first one we bought was the upright Goto when I bought it back in September it was all told with shipping and tax and all that one hundred seven dollars and twenty cents bracy not cheap so there are three models you can currently by if you go to their website. There's the upright go the upright to which is slightly smaller more sleek in the upright necklace. Oh yeah that's right. I think around the time we were trying. They just started selling that as well. Okay that makes sense. I think you still have to buy either the upright or the upright Goto in the necklace but basically it has a nice little look on the front like sort of a v neck design and then in the back the upright is just sort of hanging on the other side of you another way to avoid adhesives rights. But I imagine you may run into the same problem I did with the magnet one. I'm looking at their website. They've got an ad reminding you. You can buy one for mother's Day show mom that you've got her back that you've noticed. She has poor pasta and yeah. It looks like I'm seeing here for like ninety dollars. Certain places so maybe it would end up being a little cheaper than the full price. Hundred dollar one interesting. They Apple Stores. That's appropriate because the upright go device is a sleek piece of white molded plastic totally looks like it would be made by Apple. Yeah their little logo kind of like a lightning bolt sort of thing but also maybe a graph where you sort of see the downward slope going from the negative values to the positive on the x axis. That's a bad description and then there's sort of a depressed circle that is your on and off button how you communicate with the thing and down at the bottom. There's a USB port where you can just plug it in. It's just for charging. Essentially all of the communication and control happens through your phone and it wirelessly connects through Bluetooth to your phone so you will have to get the upright APP which I have on my phone here. Should we call it the APP right? No where you're going with that it's actually the upright go so at bright go. Yeah and listen. I'm fucking sick of APPs yell a lot. Apps on any more apps the main drawback for me is like oh another thing to connect to my phone and monitor and be invested in an. Yeah now too much. I think we went through that same process with computers. Like personal computers. People started getting all these different little programs that did everything and then they all got sort of built into the operating system and then people are like. I don't want to buy a bunch of programs. Yeah maybe I like having a paper address book. My operating system should be able to search for viruses. Why do I need a separate thing?.

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Ross and Carrie Stand Tall: Posture Correction Edition

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