Eliteautori, Mr Miller, Mike Pence discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast


Oh so timely. As this piece in the new york times a homeland security adviser to former president. Mike pence accused the trump administration of distorting the truth about afghan refugees writing on twitter. That the former president and stephen miller his top immigration adviser sought to prevent the refugees from entering the united states. Eliteautori recalled sitting in meetings where mr miller demand restrictions on refugees including those from afghanistan and iraq. She said the reductions in the refugee program during the trump. Here's a hollowed out. The government's ability to bring the interpreters and others to the united states. Now we are in this crisis and they're saying trump would have evacuated them as tory said but he didn't do it in four years. You don't get to play revisionist history here. There are people who know what the situation is including by berry best friend from the bush. Administration.

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