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I don't want to label the child with that and it's like it's not labeled to diagnosis i mean would you label them with some other disease if they had it needed to get treatment i mean i think that's ridiculous. You don't outgrow schizophrenia schizophrenia. Yes that's the kind of thing we're often hit with as parents is they don't wanna diagnose your kids because they're worried about putting it in their permanent record which is so crazy also also wanted because i didn't realize this until you just said that you had another child at that has a physical physical disorder but you said that's completely different. Can you elaborate on that. How it's two different challenges as a parent. My daughter has epilepsy or she also has a former cerebral palsy. It's a little bit different. She can overcome these things and understand it timothy fighting with his own brain and it's very hard to help a child get through something like that when they don't know what's real and what's not i mean for my daughter she had i've challenges with mobility and when she was young you know trying to overcome a lot of physical therapy because she had a lot of challenges coordination and walking and things like that. She's fairly mild cerebral palsy but we had to work with her with therapy but she could. She could understand that she could understand that my legs don't work like other peoples do when i do these special things and i wear braces and i'm learning how to do these things because my legs dillard it's hard to explain into someone who is especially someone who's in the throes of delusions and voices that their brain doesn't work. It's very easy to see with my daughter. When she walks at her gate was not normal with my assign. It was very difficult to understand that you have a very active imagination or is he really hallucinating and you can't parent the same way for a child with the physical disability versus a mental illness. The child has to be old enough or cognisant enough or stable enough to be able to work with you on the therapy you know my daughter could not walk for a week and then go to physical therapy problem. It's tim was in the throes of psychosis for a week. Forget it. We had to figure out how to get him stable. The holy can even work with him on how to cope with dealing with this because growing up. What was your biggest fear for your son that he would strive to be an adult ten to twenty fifth birthday was yesterday and i turn to my mom as we sat across having dessert with him and she said i can't believe it's twenty five and i said i know i said. Honestly i live this long because ten attempted suicide three times times before he was eighteen well. We spent the better portion of his adolescent early adulthood years just trying to keep him alive so my greatest fear was that he would do himself in which which is interesting because conversely as an adult. My greatest fear for him is that someone else will do it. You know i. I was worried about his own brain against it's ten but now i'm worried about what may happen to him out in public. We used to live in chicago. We live in extreme northeastern wisconsin now and we moved here because in chicago it just wasn't a safe environment for him to be able to grow up and be a productive adult. There's too many people there's too much temptation. There's no way to help kind of create a safe environment for him. You know the police there have a history of kind of shooting first and asking questions later especially people with mental illness and i was afraid that something would happen to them externally to end his life rather than than we was a child..

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