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Cincinnati got top fourteen nine is we get outta Tony pike or gem. You mentioned the the way Michael warm was freed up on that last play talking to bear coaches before the game. They knew that they get a lot of man to man defense from south Florida. It's been the case the crossing routes with the tight ends of credit. A nice little rob look for Michael war to get more catches and look for decided gua- when he goes in motion to be on a leak out of the backfield. Defensively we talked pre-game with a new quarterback in the game that we're going to test them. South Florida's made enough throws down the field. Look for a little bit more zone defense and allow nut front four in front. Seven to try to stop the run. All right. Tony. Thank you. Desmond redder seven for ten thus far for fifty seven yards in a pair of touchdown passes. Chris Ola Dokan four for eight eighty eight yards in what GDP those eighty eight yards. Seventy two came about his I throw the night. The good part is the Bearcats hopefully have shaken that off and that was a big way, and what would your when your team might USF? They've got tons of athletes. They're going to make plays cat scan women that the one or two big plays which would seem to already counting the long kickoff return. I'm okay with that. Ryan Jones kicks it off. He'll kick it. High in short this time, keeping it out of the hands of Bentley. Sanders USF calls for a fair catch around the twenty. Twenty five yard line rhetoric. Lloyd made a fair catch. Yup. And that was my point was either put this through the end zone or keep it out of number twenty sands Sanders. He is really pay you mentioned Johnny Ford who's been in their tailback. A little bit is the faster of the two number twenty. Here's the cat is in there. Now US apps. Best kickoff returner Torres ACL two kickoff return touchdowns this year in the same game tariffs hord ninety seven and ninety eight yard kickoff return touchdowns in the same game in a win over Georgia Tech USF has changed quarterbacks. Brett keen getting his first opportunity tonight is I pass caught five yards up the field by Wilcox. The prolific tight end. When he gets tackled at the thirty one after a six yard gain by Garrick for short pass. But boy, I'll tell you what he said his feet and fired a buyer to BB Brad keyed going with his short sleeves on a twenty nine degree night. Here's a handoff. Cronkite, running up the gut idea stopped one yard short of a first down at the thirty four yard line yet that Johnny Ford the Kerry, not Jordan Krog Friday. Breath. A stranger to this cold weather. Upstate. Ohio. Doubted one, and it's actually more like a happy yard for the USF balls at their own thirty four yard line. Brett keyed walking up to the offensive line now turning to face the sideline where the plays are being signalled has two receivers out. Why did the right what to the left third and happy yard hands it up. Poor running lap breaks a tackle and gets pulled down by white cat. The forty yard line six yard sprint for Johnny four. Michael Pitts had a shot at him. But it would have been one heck of a tackle. And I think he would have still been able to get his body leaning forward to pick out pick up the first down USF goes back to the NASCAR. Look Brad team a junior in his fourth year at USF looking to throw. Nobody opened initially now Heathrow's it's caught Levin yards. Downfield Wilcox gets away from tackle any will run down the far sideline for additional yardage. He makes it to the forty two for a twenty three yard game. Wow. Look like Cincinnati. Had it all covered in cabin was over there. He did a big old with Wilcox. Good player. Brad teen has some happy feet. Johnny drops back to pass on. I had Ted. It's a head off Ford writing right sports through a tackle. And then gets pulled down by commodity fits he escaped Clements. But lake slow down four four to make the stop a thirty eight four yard run. Yes. Tough tough tackle for Clements to but he could've had him very similar to the one that Michael Pitts could have had on the previous. But boy USF move the ball on the ground. Now. Cain not particularly Tali six one. But he's kind of a beefy looking quarterback. He's back to throw standing calmly. This time slings went way down field. A diving attempt by Wilcox and it's a touchdown right at the goal line per US app. How in the world we Clements is there, then all of a sudden was on the ground and that lift Wilcox wide open. It almost looked like an afterthought when the ball left Qian's hands. But boy he fires a strike the Wilcox and terrible terrible breakdown in the secondary. That time I'm not sure what happened. Yeah. Okay. Now that happens. My goodness. Big plays right now killing America. So another lead change USF on top by one tried to make it to. Here comes the extra point from Kobe Weiss. And it is good. A thirty eight yard touchdown pass. From Brett keen to tight end Mitchell. Wilcox USF back on top. We'll take a time out eleven thirty four left in the half. The bulls lead the Bearcats sixteen fourteen bearcat football, presented by energy pellets. America, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl Gallagher. Hello. Oh, thanks giving Kingston outta you know, it isn't thanksgiving yet. Right. What is it kings? Toyota, they're giving three thousand off MS RPM on all new two thousand nineteen Corollas in stock. What about a lease lease a new two thousand.

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