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We know that respect is always something that should be earned is not going to be given. We clearly understand that. And I don't mind when greats respect other greats. That's always been one of the cool things about sports that when you have guys at the top of their game, and they see each other and they go. Yeah. Man, you're not bad at your pretty good. But the love fest that has gone on this week involving Bill Belichick and Tom Brady the patriots and Aaron Rodgers the Green Bay Packers. It doesn't sound strange coming from Aaron Rodgers. Although as competitive as he is I was surprised that he said, you know, townsman at the top of his game for over a decade planning. High level went MVP's bowls. You know, he's he's been phenomenal player in this league. So he's a fun to watch new younger player and trying to figure out what you know what he's doing. Obviously we play a little bit different style a game. But the stuff that he does well stuff that over my career. I've tried to incorporate own game ties to Aaron Rodgers tried to incorporate Tom Brady and his own game thinking I've seen enough of you to know that you have incorporated those things ready. You don't try those things is accessible when it comes to you. That is both of these guys all this week had nothing, but bouquets back and forth back and forth and back and forth. And you know, who got involved in that Bill Belichick joined the bromance between these two. I'll say playing against Rogers is very very difficult. He's he's as good as anybody that I faced. We faced a lot of good ones or the years, and that's not to take anything away from anybody else. On the Santa guys a great player. He can he can do everything that a quarterback needs to do consistently. Does it? Well. There's a lot of touchdowns throw mirror minute. Assumptions receivers make a ton of yards after he gets them the ball. And the big part of that is getting them the ball. That is acquitted of spoken word by Bill Belichick because normally when Bill Bill talks about an opponent. It is word Konami. Got a good team. And they're going to be tough to play and play hard. And we'll see what happens, and that's it. Hey, Bill playing Peyton Manning this week paid management. Quarterback for a long time. And you know, it's always a tough game. We play him in at the make sure that we can tie slowing down with Aaron Rodgers, man. Aaron if I could adopt you I would. If I could make you part of the Bill Belichick family tree, I would my friend. That's how much love I had for you. He was a few sieve. I I haven't heard Bill Belichick like that regarding an opposing player, and that's not to say he doesn't respect teams. He doesn't respect players, but the whole three way bromance? These three has been very interesting. China size each other up and said each other to say if I say nice things about them. And then we bro hug in the middle of the field on Sunday, then they won't torches as much as they other people because I don't care, but also know this when you got two guys like that the quarterback to this generation Ann Rogers is younger than Tom Brady. And apparently Tom Brady's never gonna retire each and every night he goes to the diabolical chamber gauges the mechanism and comes a fresh new young Tom Brady ready to terrorize the National Football League as captain America. When you have these kind of quarterbacks these these mount Rushmore type quarterbacks clean gets each other. And they haven't done it. That much in the regular season. This is only the third meeting in the regular season between these two. To me. This is a quivalent that we never got LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in the NBA finals that would have been must see theater NBA theater to see that. It's not likely we're going to get Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady playing each other in the Super Bowl, especially when I believe this that this starting to run out of time when it comes to the Green Bay Packers. Explain the second here on Freddie and Fitz Simons on ESPN radio and the ESPN at real quick. They finally given. Derek Carr, a reprieve. AJ McCarron is now in the ball game. This may be the best coaching move that Jon Gruden has made all year. The save his quarterback from the beating that he has been taken taking on that long from the San Francisco forty Niners defense. My boy Brad Gilbert, ESPN, Tennessee, you know, what I'd leave him out there. I would bench him in the second half. And that's exactly what happened so AJ McCarron in the game will make a difference. Probably not forty nine lead at four thirty one two three. My prediction has to stand. I said I don't think the raiders was score a touchdown at any point in this game. So we get ten three to make sure that's actually going to happen. If it does happen. But I've seen plenty of raider. Guys, haven't lawn faces it looked like they have quit on Jon Gruden at least for this game hail. No. Back to the pages and Packers on Sunday. What are the raiders going to be like for that game, by the way? They're going to be buffalo. You got Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay. We saw the ratings were when they played the Los Angeles Rams in an afternoon game. One of the highest rated games the NFL seen the last four to five years in that window in the four twenty-five window eastern time. So now, I guess Sunday night football in New England Tom Brady on one side. And Roger and the other the Monday night football ratings with great. It was the Buffalo Bills vs Tom Brady. So now, I got those two together rate is going to be out of control. But I believe the Packers are starting to run out of time. Raj play the good soldier. Plus, they pay him a lot of money. So they gave him that money because he earned that money to be there. It may not lead them any chance to have of the players to support him or supplement him. But so be it is better to have that guy. Your football team did not have it. But it's getting to the point that you're starting to see more and more erosion and as great as Aaron Rodgers is even he's not going to be able to keep that Rozhin from continuing with the Green Bay Packers. No matter who they try to bring it. They still the hope to find a running game with the gala Aaron Rodgers you shouldn't have to hope the final running game. You should be able to draft. They run a game or get a free agent running game. And they've never done that consistently to help out that guy and defensively they've been here there and everywhere. But when they get one injury unravel the Green Bay Packers defense, no matter who would happen to we may look back in two years announced. A. Yup. That's when it started. That's when we started to see the Packers and Aaron Rodgers running out of time, which means that the end whenever that's going to happen. It's never good. Anyway, is going to be really really bad. If they keep eroding around a quarterback like that who has as much down with anybody. That's played in the National Football League. Jon Gruden believes this about the future of the Oakland Raiders..

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