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Listening to allegedly NYC. How are you get to see both of you? We're great leisurely. Thank you so much for joining us today. Report where you're very casual. You're a busy man you know just trying to we call the grinding yes. The grinds the hustle Israel. We're all New Yorkers here. We're all New Yorkers here. I'm from Sunset Park Brooklyn. Avon you just South Bronx okay. Nice Nice Nice and you were. There's where are you from your from route Phil Brownsville and South Jamaica Queens awesome location about that Tattoo on my hand. Yes Oh you spook that it i. This is the name of my album. My first album lost in lust. Mckay has lost in less. Put them together. I think tank you take them separately. They had to be put together. This is true in the marriage girl. Over Claire Yes. Are we on your end? We're good great well. So as New Yorkers where the epicenter of what's going on right now which is really intense especially for people who are like and raised here and today I wanted to talk a bit about how pandemics often expose these underlying issues within societies and how certain people are cared for while others are ignored. You know specifically now. We're seeing that this really disproportionately affecting black and brown communities. So I wanted to talk a bit about how we can use this moment to sort of like I feel like there's a magnifying glass on these issues right now and it's a good time to address them and hopefully shift towards a better society. I you know we should. We should this. Situation is like an onion and we should pill back each layer to get a full understanding. If you don't you'll miss it The thing we should Examined my belief is that we had a place right now and any major crises. You are in the a search and recovery fakes Phases that you're saying that there are still bodies alive and we need to find them. The recovery is that you're going to go in and get those dead bodies and just make sure they have a dignified burial and I don't want to look at the corona virus crisis that we have shifted to the recovery phase. We're still in the phase. We can still say bodies. We have to stop doing the things that we did. Which is we ignored black and Brown people in this city in this city. We divided the city into two categories. And when we did it I said to my staff that's coded language that we use in right now. When we said essential employees go out nonessential employees stay home. We basically said the essential employees over seventy percent of the essential employees are black and brown people and overwhelming number of immigrants. So those who were nonessential they were able to stay home and run. The city do their laptops and listened to their children. Call around on the floor and they were able to be a safe zone. That in itself was wrong. But let's take you to more steps. The second step is that we told the essential employees that you are supposed to go your job without any protective equipment with the full understanding. That people should be sheltered in place. You're not shelter in place with the full understanding that you should have six foot difference. You're not doing six difference. We're going to send you out there to make sure our abruptly on shelves when we call each you showa when it's time to drive trains and buses. You're going to be there so we're going to have you folks run our city while we and I'll save the HABE. Now here's the real dangerous part of its. You heard all the time the reason we couldn't give to nurses who are predominately black and Hispanic and Caribbean we couldn't we couldn't get a PP's personal protective equipment to all of the other essential employees because we didn't have enough that is the biggest lie that we bought and we started keep talking about. There's a global supply out there and we gave the city and state countless number of distributors. That has had reached out to us. And say hey. These cats never called us back able to get thousands upon thousands of donated personal protection equipment. I'm donating equipment to my hospitals. I'm donated to ACS employee school crossing guards. Correction officials. A nurse's why am I able to get it? And they're unable to purchase it on the largest large scale. The urgency was never us? There was never planned. I want you to go back and look at the brief instrument. Everyone there was never a plan. You have to fight this virus on two fronts. You have to fight it as it intervention for those who have it you have to intercede and assist them and then you have to fight it. As pregnancy there was never a prevention plan we never which communities that had lodged a preexisting conditions. And say his plan so that you won't be Sade. We want testing it out communities we were telling our mothers and grandmothers. Okay you know what go back home. They went back home and many of them died. We would not providing the food to them. We would not using telemedicine so there was no plan for the seventy percent is so that close. We got corona virus. He went home to an overcrowded apartment with his children and families in his grandmother because remember folks are living in three or four generations and he let them. They went to the hospitals. Like in Queens. Will you have a high immigrant? Community Sunset Park High Immigrant community a Central Brooklyn high immigrant community all of these essential employees infected. Their family members were not diagnosed. So they can cortina themselves because we were not tested. Remember we put out an order. That said we only gonNA test you. You emit if you're admitted to the hospital and then we didn't admit you to the hospital we sent you home. It was. This was the greatest experiment on black and Brown people sister to ski experiment. Yeah this is so fucked up. It's really really insane. And you recently wrote an op Ed. That I found super interesting and I thought it was a really good topic to talk about like you have all the essential workers success so evident and everyone's on the subway and stuff but you are also talking about how Because you know people of Color live in these food swamps and have less access to healthy foods that that would treat underlying illnesses in the first place and I thought that was such an interesting and important thing to also touch upon. Because you know I'm coming from this space only my professional capacity. I'm coming from in my personal capacity. You know had type two diabetes. I lost my sight and my left try. They told me I was going to be blind in the year. Had permanent nerve damage in my hands and feet of the Detroit. I was going going to lead to amputation at an ulcer. High blood pressure high cholesterol. The Black and Brown package and when the doctors told.

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