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Now i want you fretting every single second about interest rates as i fear all day and ring constantly the real worry here don't confuse these global trade war because that will absolutely hurt your portfolio as a citizen i ca policy but as your vesting coach it's of paramount concern lot in new york lonny jim in stuttering i liked that what's happening my man pot the pen jim i cold you have years ago regarding speculative biotech stock i bought a three dollars and fifty five cents back in october two thousand fifteen i sold thous shares at in october last year thirty to fifty it took off they have to fellow jog in weena carcinoma call kaba medic cover medic role putting the company's excellences right e x l my question is they have nothing but positive news jim earning came out in quota for two thousand seventeen bait met they they met earnings they surpassed revenue but the stuff with weight down for no reason maybe something that alice or not idle now i've more of of retail shares wanting dick it's now almost twenty one earnings coming up a second they blow it out of the park i think that you know the stock better than most you know better than i do but i do know the i do know the cohort and the courts become very very hard almost every night i see a stock blow up in that group so just be aware the speculation in that particular end of the stock market is speculating celso down and mirren california mir blue.

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