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Aint happening they're going to bring back jonathan paople bump before they bring honour strictly in they have an either but for the giants as you look ahead to two 2018 which unfortunately even in the middle of july that's absolutely where they're at right now the other guy i think that might get move is edouardo newness because he's a free agent after this year and again a of a platoon guy play a lot of different position shen's and could potentially help a team looking to make a run this year you can play in a lot of areas he's got some speed pretty good with the stick and let's face it i don't think that edouardo new year's giants are looking to resign him heading into into 2018 so that's another piece that could be move but positive side of things are gonna get will smith back next year you're you're going to get your full complement starters back we'll see what they do with matt more if you're mad more the second half of this season is absolutely critical because he's a guy that's under team control for a couple of years under a every reasonable number this could be a beautiful thing for the giants but when you're dead last in an national league in era not going to cut it especially when you're pitching at at t kinda was a little cheeky the other day i tweeted out mamoru didn't lead a trivial thing like at t being a pitchers park stop him from getting up in his last outing and unfortunately it's been a tough go for more really for this entire season by we've seen in i mean we know the guy's got the stuff we've seen it at start against the dodgers last year it was nails and i know we're talking about one starred and of course any pitcher rummage league baseball going to have a start here ace start there i get that we've seen and put it together for spells and like i mentioned earlier what he it was the seventeen four back 2013 so we know he's got in him so if you're looking for for positives there maybe it's just a matter of of tweaking a couple of things in oh damn for dave righetti and company to sit down and work things out with them but the.

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