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Clear fifteen Dan Ryan to I. eighty for inbound and outbound delays lecture drive is clear and Illinois tollway to northwest Indiana reporting no problems get traffic and weather together on the H. every ten minutes on these radio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM early this morning cloudy warm and humid with showers or thunderstorms and a low of seventy two later sunny hot moderately humid with a high near ninety warm and sticky denied which ours are thunderstorms toward Dolan and a low of seventy three and a moral Monday mostly cloudy and humid with showers and thunderstorms and a high of eighty four but temperatures should drop below that for at least the next few days seventy six now and here seventy four at midway seventy five along the lake front it is seventy three in Gurnee and seventy seven in buffalo Grove with winds from the southwest at ten miles per hour WBBM news time for twenty our top story this hour Baltimore officials and residents are responding to president trump's Twitter attacks and democratic congressman Elijah Cummings and this city represents will have much more on this story coming up at four thirty one now CBS to Suzanne Lehman yo joins us with a preview of what is coming up on the CBS to news at five o'clock good morning Suzanne and a very good morning to you Jackie as well the stories are looking at right now police questioning two men after an alligator was found Saturday in the humble park lagoon our system Rodriguez is going to have the very latest on the story and live reports for you this morning the body of a Michigan man has been recovered after he appears to have drowned at a Lake Michigan beach a five year old boy in the back of the yards neighborhood is being called a hero after waking thirteen people and saving them from their burning home and in our seven o'clock hour at seven forty five to be exact it's going to be a finger lickin good time in the studio we're celebrating national chicken wing day with the executive chef of Jake Melnick's Nick sant'angelo those stories and much more when you join me with meteorologist at current for the CBS you weekend morning news from five to eight this morning I'll be right over Suzanne you have all the fun saving your plate all right thanks Winnebago county sheriff's police blood hounds Roxy and Sadie help find a missing man last seen on Thursday night at the gas station off Illinois route to fifty one surgeon a cutting am telling CBS twenty three in Rockford that the missing man and medical issues and was found hours later by the blood hounds sixty nine year old man of suffering from dementia wanted from the home and was last seen wearing actually told seven o'clock so it was seventeen hours from the time he was last seen tell time we actually started working the dogs the man with dementia was found in a bean field in Machesney park the blood hounds are new to the Winnebago county sheriff's.

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