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Line. I had a wonderful wonderful is a great childhood plenty of food. It was awesome but The one thing I play sport as you know had motorcycles does the whole deal. It was great. I wanted to learn to play a musical instrument and I used to buy bobby remember the The plastic guitars that had you know they were full-sized guitars but they were made out of plastic extreme. We're not real guitar strain. You could get them at K.. Mart Yup yes yes you could get him at Kmart. I would buy one of those two or three times a year and you know there was no internet. There was my mom would not be getting megastar less than I mean. She wouldn't do that piano lessons. Her point was. There's nowhere to put the piano and the trailer because we live in a single wide trailer so we couldn't get a piano and she's got A. Oh so you can't argue with the girl no no so. I tried everything I wanted. I wanted to van in school I wanted to. She said we're not fighting trump. But we're not doing all that. The only consolation she made for me was the green stamps that we got from the grocery store In the catalogue there that set of Bongo drums allows me to set upon goes wrong for three and a half booked our remember. There was three and a half books answer next green stamps and let me say something. I eat like a food ingredients Out Kid did you. Did you get I. I got the Bongo drums. There was no bongos lessons. But pretty simple you gotta right hand left hand and you just sort of go back and forth with it. Let me let me let me ask you in In southern Georgia is there a lot of call for a Bongo Drum player. Okay do you think not. He would say I'm in school and we're GonNa do Christmas Song. We're GONNA do a course song. The name name of the song and the song would go thing that way out saying ell no one he had to have a Bongo drum to be and so the Taylor says we don't have a Bongo Drum. I mean the back row and goes. Here's me got along. Did I said yes. I can't drums in the Mongol drums. She calls my friend wonder love to play the drums. I raise my and I'd say I mean adopting those are my leg of them. I don't know why windows plan the Mongo. What was your reasoning for that? That is so wrong Go why would she says well. He's like he you know he he can play the piano. Whatever I said? Let me stop you. This is calling for von Gozo. He'll play Bongo drums and finally she. She acquiesced to let me play the Bongo drums knowing that make school thing. I'm sitting there doing this thing. No well doing. The boat bumped getting word out. Great worked out so well. They invited us to go to the local radio station W. K. L. Y.. Radio Georgia. We at Christmas time and we played and I was on the radio. Hit My Bongo Drum. Hey beginning of your broadcasting careers. Desi Arnez of Georgia everytime I go far. Something Guy. Playing Guitar aren't all that I'm just could be that guy off well. I wonder whatever happened to those Bongo. Drums they get gone one day. You know what they were still at. My Mom's house is somehow or another brother. Hey kids before I did and somehow another his kid with my gi. Joe's and I'm pretty sure the kid Bongo drums playing the nice there for years. You know what's so impressive about you. Lamar you're someone who doesn't wait for life to come to him when that teacher tried to hijack your one bug oh opportunity. You've not free sound listening. If I had to I home again I got my mom went up there all hell broke loose tonight so if I had to not let me play the would've done I would've I would've and then I would have thought about killing myself exactly. Then let this be a lesson to all young people who want to be in show business. This is the song by the way this is this on the song long and you can hear the Bongo background. If you want to really make it in show business you've got to have courage and stamina and you've got to be aggressive wrestle or you won't end up on a one thousand Watt Georgia daytime Guillaume radio things. Actually right yeah. That's exactly right business. Lamar axle it's Bob and Sheri and stuff. You won't hear you're on the show the Bobbins Jerry cast on the Bob and Sheri App get it now. It store or Google play my wife. Mary found this website. It's is called. Chinos DOT COM and she was looking at it and she said Hey. I think this would be interesting for your show and I think Sherry will like talking about this and what it is you may or may not agree with it. Four rules for breaking up that are outdated. They don't work anymore. Okay so tell me if you think these rules are still valid or something that we ought to jettison because times have changed the first one is do it face to face I think I think that we should break up with people face to face. You know. That's what I thought I I do. I'm sorry the idea that a phone call is second second best probably is correct the idea that texting or an email is to me just reprehensible especially if you are a guy what con of common guy are you do that. I know there are always exceptions and situations where Maybe maybe the reason you're breaking up is because you don't feel safe safe and so you don't WanNa put yourself a different story for an story. I so I'm GONNA own that. I think there are times when you don't need to break up with somebody face to know what we're talking about though is it's run. Its course it's not working for whatever reason and you need to. You need to end it and I think you should do it face to face for two reasons one out of respect for the other person and two out of respect for yourself. Yeah Yeah you know number to be honest about. Why is that an outdated break-up technique in less you are hurting the other person's feelings I think you you're breaking up with him which is hurtful enough but I think you have to be very careful about why telling them why that would be a time to be honest? As honest as you can be as gently as you can be keeping it almost nebulous Ellis and they suggest. I don't see a future with us which is kind you can. You can read into a lot of difference there but and let's be honest you're breaking up with somebody if you're a guy and you say to her I don't see a future for us. It is going to take a millisecond before she says what are you you talking about why exactly. Why don't you see that? which is why the guys breaking up via text? Because he doesn't have the energy for that conversation. But you know too bad for you you. You've got to take the hit. If your guy number three outdated break-up techniques delete them from your life. The rule of thumb was the delete their number from your phone and unfriendly..

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