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This is going through a show about women who found themselves in situations where they said Nope. No thank you and they made a decision to make a change in turn something around I'm your host Tracy. Clayton. I knew I wanted to be in the movie. Since I was a kid just didn't understand how it was going to happen this Tika sumpter ticket is a model producer and actress who's been acting for over a decade now but years before she would go on to get our big break on the daytime soap one life to live tico was an eighteen year old black girl trying to figure out how to get into college college was never really spoken about in my house to be honest it was like finished high school. So Tika apply to Marymount Manhattan. College for the first year things were going rate. tickle was enrolled in acting classes and she was on her way to becoming the big actress that he dreamed of being until she got their bill. Bars I get this bill and it says ten thousand dollars. So ten thousand dollars to seventeen eighteen year old who has no money is you can say it was ten million dollars because it was it was impossible that I was gonna I was Never GonNa pay it. If there is one person who knows about those private school build it is me is like one minute you just Maya Business Guinea education on and whatnot, and then the next minute you're being told that you L. Thousands and thousands and billions and millions of dollars I mean the horror and also the nerve I can't learn this way stressed they were like so you either pay this or your classes are going to be dropped. My mind just was like, okay. Let me go and see how I can fix this. Let me remedy this and I went to financial aid and they're like, yeah, no more financial aid your parents supposedly make too much and I'm like what does that mean they my mom? Was a corrections officer at rikers has five kids, and so she didn't have it and I called my grandma called everybody to ask and that was the last time I said I will ever ask anybody for money because it fell. So defeating in here's where things shifted something kicked in for Tika it was just like fight or flight I was like. Okay. I, have a certain amount of time to get out of this apartment fine of roommate on craigslist and get what's the quickest thing I can do to get money waitressing and that's how it all kind of again. Then this kind of like a film in the Macon Goggles, the college graduates bill his own hail no I gotTa make this happen somehow. Had A college bill to pay, she was tired of sleeping on floors I needed to get a job and I needed to be myself closed myself and have shelter but I think my look on New York was just it was a weird sense of excitement like I don't know what's going to happen while Tico was waitressing. She was also networking and she was party come on she'll eighteen and youthful that all that energy and one day a random conversation with even. Who was the owner of a popular club changed everything for her one day he stopped and he's like, Tika what do you WanNa, do like what are you? What's your dream and I was like I'm pursuing acting and he's like, do you have an agent and I'm like no, he's like, okay. There's going to be this woman as agent meeting meet you at this office and I want you to meet her. So you guys can see if you vibe or click whatever. GOTCHA popcorn like Islamic because this is getting good. This is real life New, York New York drama unfold near me now, right so Tika Stevens advice and she marched right on down to Aden's albums because she knew that an agent was the one thing that can help open doors for her and open those doors fast. She's like, Hi, I'm Rita Michaela what I mean and then she's lying she's like Oh my God, you're beautiful you beautiful my God. So what are you? Tell me about yourself and she gave me a chance. And if it wasn't for Steven, who introduced me to my first agent and saw something in me, and first of all, just stopped to ask a little black girl like girl what do you want to just be partying like, what do you WanNa do you know and he asked me and that's how I got my first agent. Now these are the kind of main in New York stories that I absolutely live for as anyone who's been even a few hours in the city can tell you this place is Rudolph. It can be really hard and it's certainly not for the main of heart but deacon new how big a dream she had and she went for it anyway that kind of persistence and faith is Hella inspiring young. I was so excited to hear how Kaz journey continued after she got that and how all of these life lessons are now skills that she cannot wait to share with her daughter. I love it. Hope you ready to be inspired. So I'm very very fascinated. By your hustle nece and first of all first and foremost because I cannot tell you the speed with which mob lag as would have been something with wheels going home to my Mama if I'm in New York City, you blame. What? Tall to me about what those first jobs for you like these you find the job that like helped you to stop worrying about money finally, it was weird because you know I you know picked up jobs here and there I remember one of my first big job. I remember like yesterday it was curve perfume. You can probably buy it into Wayne read right now still. March down at a dollar. or it's he's. Shout out. But and we were they were pulling us in this taxi and you know I wou I couldn't believe I was in the middle of times. Square. Being pulled around to do this commercial and I remember my mom seeing it for the first time and she was like, what? What like this is real Lake? Like wait you can't. Amazing right, and so that was like one of my first jobs I remember and then I remember doing. This after school like don't do drugs kind of show with actually somebody who used to be on. List that I show that America Ferrera was on ugly Betty. Yeah it.

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