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Yeah and then they just cut out all you know after fifty minutes you get it right it's crazy i feel like beverly goldberg my kids call me smother they're teenagers so they appreciate me i bug them when i started the book tour which is seems to been going on forever i was going through minnesota i was going through minnesota and my plane was grounded because there were three rain ramp tornados in the area and so i went to delta and i said what do you do and she goes well sir what you do is you sleep at the airport is there a a place where i go to sleep she goes there's a nice spot there on the floor and there's a nice couch over there maybe can lay in the massage chair but so there were several hundred people sleeping on the floor with your luggage so you're hugging your luggage and you think what do i wanna hug and then it came about two thirty in the morning and i had to go to the men's room so you have to take your luggage so i'm going through the airport among all these bodies on the floor and someone looked up at us oh look it's principal bah nice stephen skis here he's in chicago for a couple of reasons the standard club luncheon today at eleven forty five you might not be allowed in but if you feel like taking a chance go do that this book is called my adventures with god will pick this up next in just a moment it's bill and wendy on wgn our guest is stephen total loss.

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