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AOC or Bernie Sanders list the things that they're concerned about everybody having health insurance and education to live up to their opportunity a decent retirement access to more games are decent housing access to a decent job yes people do they want answers yes of course they want that we all want that right absolutely yes for how how do we pay for I mean a see and Bernie have not yet been able to identify how we pay for it well and then there's this you know this split that do you know is talked about a lot when it comes to capitalism more or socialism which is is that businesses faults that there are so many you know societal issues or the government's fault and and you know if you are inclined to think it's more so than you know in recline toward socialism you're gonna think it's business so that is the debate and that brings us to the next audio clip and this is what Warren Buffett told CNBC he believes America's enormous wealth and success is thanks to capitalism he says America has been far more successful than any centralized government that relied on socialism the idea of people unleashing their potential using the resources they have to create what we have now what was her daughter forty some years ago this is absolutely a miracle and I don't know about you Christina but it just strikes me especially when we hear these new numbers from Gallup in the pew research center that are coming out today about socialism and how popular it's become it seems to me like this could be a real focal point for the upcoming election it might be because you know when you look at the other side of that so we have seen the highest levels of corporations those folks are now making two hundred seventy dollars to every one dollar of of workers were used to be twenty dollars to one dollar so there is this income inequality that people are saying no one would dispute the inequity and that is that is making I think more people turn towards socialism on the other hand they also don't see that government can also be a part of the problem what we're looking at federal loans and grants that have pushed of college tuition Medicare inflating demand for healthcare high housing costs in place like New York and San Francisco that owe a lot to rent control in land use restrictions twenty two trillion dollar debt government is also part of the problem not just business so it'll be interesting to see if the if they are able to who to make their point and convince them one way or the other Brian noble standing by in our.

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