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Hi this is cliff glick and welcome today's podcast today i wanna talk about end role reversal one care to look ahead pursers wall as a mouthful what the heck are those and why why care okay eight harsher and language person is a a tool for converting one kind of language into another it's really the part of a tool for doing such a thing it's a tool for understanding the structural language which is a long step towards understanding the whole of it and then being able to convert it into some other language what would you use it four really well recently and no not too distant past i had a reason to convert small expressions written in python or the programming which are or another programming language was looks begley like jobert a script into a list be expressions because i could then pushed him through you are l all what you are l and read them out of the euro the other side and then break them out into some sort of excu will format execute them what the heck with us about well as four each to owes project to do big data on you know every day programming tools and we could take a python expression and convert converted to a list be looking at each pression jim at through a url throughout rest interface and have a website for the phare and parts of act out and understand the programming meaning and then execute the data on a coster which may be was handling mogul terabytes of data on what was otherwise a tiny laptop running process or not processed or some other kind of language and in you'll you can also use it convert languages that are may be awesome sort of see like language with its new it's a little different kotlin and i want to route two java i've got go and i want to go to see your got see you want to go to go got l when i want to go to java script or got scheme i want to go to all health things that have some sort of structural we curse of nature by the language.

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