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The family's Cape Cod compounded be Suzanne Thompson on this here show Kennedy hail she had spoken about her struggles with mental illness when she was at Deerfield academy and she was just sixteen she wrote about those struggles saying that she had fought with depression public details do remain light of course what we do know first responders arrive yesterday at the sprawling Hyannis for home of her ninety one year old grandmother Ethel Kennedy to your show was already in cardiac arrest and pronounced dead at Cape Cod hospital so you're sure the daughter of Courtney Kennedy held a fifth of eleven kids born to the late New York senator and his wife Ethel charges are dropped against a former Rhode Island state senator accused of sex extortion the state AG's office saying they're dropping the case against Nicolas cattle because of new evidence specifically communications between cattle and the complaint and who apparently wasn't willing to testify kettlebell accused of extorting sex from the team to page at the state house he declined to accept a plea deal last week Providence got faces charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct Francisco Goro Providence in trouble for alleged incident in this city June eighth one other person also faces charges an internal investigation is on is placed on administrative duty with pay trump administration could soon reach a deal with the Taliban to bring thousands of US troops home The Washington Post reports the Taliban would agree to a ceasefire and renunciation of al Qaeda is part of the deal and the eighteen year conflict US would then bring home around four thousand of the fourteen thousand troops stationed there meanwhile following the second democratic presidential debate Wednesday president from two game it during a rally in Cincinnati last night.

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