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And listen to man is about to say yeah. Let's everybody listen. The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Cbs radio workshop dedicated to man's imagination. The theater of the mind this is classic radio theatre want to get away from it all the fbi in peace and war. Mcgee the unexpected. The unexpected unexpected. Now here's your host. Why friend john wayne did not do much but he did do this. The screen directors playhouse from seventy two years ago january ninth nineteen forty nine episode. Well episode or net application of stagecoach starring. John wayne in his original nineteen thirty nine screen role. And we thank you for joining us on this saturday the night the january three hundred fifty six days left in this year happy birthday connecticut became the fifth state to join the. Us in seventeen eighty eight is on. Pierre blanchard became the first to fly a balloon in the us in seventeen ninety three in eighteen fifty seven. The four tejan earthquake of california occurred. Seven point nine. Anson jones the final president of the republic of texas committed suicide in eighteen. Fifty eight the star of the west incident occurred near charleston south carolina on this date in eighteen sixty one considered by some historians to be the first shots of the civil war. Mississippi became the second state to succeed from the union on this date in eighteen sixty one before the outbreak of the civil war new england telephone and telegraph installed. The first battery operated telephone switchboard in lexington massachusetts in eighteen. Ninety four in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. The seeing eye established in nashville with the mission to train dogs for assisting the blind n. headquarters officially opened in new york city in one thousand nine hundred fifty one in one thousand nine hundred seventy two our ms queen elizabeth destroyed by fire in victoria harbor. Hong kong the iconic comedy album. By steve martin. Let's get small released on this date in nineteen seventy seven on drugs. I mean you know what it is man. Good small wild wild drug. How very dangerous for kids still because they get really small. I know i shouldn't get small. And i'm driving as driving around the other day. Anna couples mirror he goes e are used small. I said no i'm tall. I'm tall enough to measure. You got a little tests to gave it to bloom inside. They know your small. The album would begin. A national catchphrase with exaggerated. Excuse me after. Losing a patent battle with polaroid kodak left the instant camera business on this date in eighteen nineteen eighty-six in two thousand to the department of justice announced it was going to pursue a criminal investigation of the oil company enron. The phantom of the opera surpassed the record set by cats for the longest running. Show on broadway in two thousand six apple ceo. John steve jobs introduced the original iphone at the macworld keynote address in san francisco passing away on this date in history. Dag would arthur lake who was known for most of the movies most of his life as dag would bump stead in the blondie cartoons in the adaptations and the movie in the radio. And all that a british actor. Peter cook passing away on this date and jesse white. A wonderful Comedic actor on radio And also cartoon voices and all of that and he was also one of the maytag repairman. You might know that in the commercials. Speaking of arthur lake passing on this date. Ironically this is the birth date of the creator of the blondie comic strips checked young born on this date. the rosary priest. Father patrick peyton born on this date. Burlesque performer gypsy. rose lee actor bernandino alumnus. Vic misery the man behind the music of green acres and the addams family and so much great music. Was it the ghost and mr chicken. That don adam start in he was indeed. Did the music for that. As well actor lebron cleef born on this date. The author of scruples judith. Krantz born on this date passed away last year at the age of ninety. One actor bob. Denver gilligan maynard g. krebs in dobie gillis actor jimmy boyd and also board on this date president richard nixon fellow americans let us therefore unite as a nation in a firm and wise policy of real peace. Not the piece of surrender but peace with honour. After five years of americans going into vietnam we are finally bringing american men home. People have gotta know whether or not their president's a crook. Well i'm not a crook. I earned everything. I've got therefore i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow vice president for will be sworn in as president at that hour and this all just how much you're going to be missing you don't have nixon to kick around anymore. The only president to ever resigned from office president. Nixon richard nixon born on this date in history. Happy birthday number. Eighty two singer activist. Johm baier's led zeppelin's jimmy page is seventy seven loretta. Lynn's laura dylan's youngest. Sister crystal gayle seventy years old. You've seen him in the farmers insurance commercials. Now you remember from law and order and spider-man's j jonah jameson. Jk simmons sixty six. Dave matthews as fifty four. Joey lauren adams from chasing amy fifty-three catherine duchess of cambridge. Kate middleton thirty nine and from the vampire diaries. Nina dobrev is thirty. Two though some of the people who celebrate the ninth day of january is their birthday. If this happens to be your birthday hi. we're the four freshmen. And we just wanna say from seventy two years ago january ninth nine thousand nine hundred forty nine. The screen directors playhouse production of stagecoach starring. John wayne on this saturday edition of classic radio theater. 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