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The EMS response to one blocking the left lane caller says only one right lane gets by southbound toward Pennsylvania avenue on two 95 In the third street tunnel southbound delays lead to the southeast Southwest freeway and the response to a crash Coming inbound on three 95 slow across the 14th street bridge soon we should have access to lower 14th street and the 12th street expressway Not yet And much of constitution avenue remains closed between Pennsylvania avenue and 23rd street northwest although the parade is largely over A lot of the number streets will be reopening over the next half hour or so the number of streets that cross the national mall In Virginia 95 northbound heavy thornburgh Fredericksburg into Stafford county as folks return home northbound on three O one slow past dahlgren to get to the nice Middleton bridge In Maryland 50 westbound heavy traffic from VFW avenue for about 7 or 8 miles across Kent island toward the bay bridge all green arrows on three lanes open westbound the pace slowly improves once you get across the western shore and get into Annapolis 70 east two 70 south slow at a couple stretches out of Hagerstown down south mountain And south of Frederick although brief delay southbound on two 70 toward Hyatt's town and Germantown Your boss or train ride has never been safer thanks to nova's public transportation providers They're taking the stress out of commuting so you can sit back relax and enjoy the ride rediscover your ride at nova ride dot org Dave dodgy traffic Well kind of hot today but even hotter tomorrow Mike's Jennifer has details Hot temperature is going to stick with us for the next several hours through the evening then later tonight clear skies and muggy I know it's been the 60 suburbs low 70s closer to the district Lots of sunshine on Tuesday lots of.

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