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R. ten fifty all the sports talk you'll ever in the cemetery Q. mills yes radios. Jon Ryan white audience audio brown will suit up to play for the raiders in their season opener on Monday that against the Broncos in Oakland that's the plan said readers and go to Jon Gruden today ESPN's Josina Anderson reports that brown made an emotional apology to teammates after an incident with GM Mike may Akan Wednesday raiders updates of coordinator Greg Olson on brown being available we'd like to believe in a great place right now mentally and he is not disappointed if again when he has been a practice he has not been the furthest thing from a disappointment at you could find so we're always real excited again see him for another NFL news the chiefs and wind out Tyree kilogram a four year fifty four million dollar contract extension head coach Andy Reid on the extension was I thought it was I'm not in that business anymore but it's good to have a I hope we can still run fast of all that money is mine so that's good thirty five of the fifty four million is guaranteed IT Tyree kills do contract into your two US open semi finals on ESPN TV and ESPN app Rafael Nadal won the first two sets against Matteo bear a teeny dalits three one of the third set the dell Medvedev will face the winner in Sunday's final college football Marshall as a seven nothing lead on twenty fourth ranked Boise state the second quarter in Boise it's on ESPN two baseball scoreboard completion of a suspended game days with the Tigers seven to three Oakland girly game I have lied on Cleveland for the final ale while current Indians trail the twins two to one of the fifth Minnesota six and have fun we went to first after the homes in the Kansas City.

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