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Fast that. I promise you not all of us are high we are. We this is this is also real talk I mean that's that's also to talk about energy and its various forms and matter, and the fact that we are all made of. Everything in this universe when you break it down to the smallest level is made out of the same substance. But it just combines into different protons electrons to make everything we see and we all perceive this world around us but that's just because we perceive it to be this way. You wrote is universities within. So there we go and how we perceive the world actually leads to the next theme of of the how we learn how the world works. Lots of times we learn from our parents and the next thing deals with the you know how parents influence their children and how abuses passed down from parents. Still Children we we've talked before in previous episodes. Abou- MONTROSS is issues how he was brought up how he was abused by his father physical physical abuse for being gay and his father beating him for expressing what he thought was a feminine qualities you know drawing you know. Being cited, the wasn't the baseball players being excited to see the baseball players and things like that. His father was no you're not going to be gay and then in turn Montross is is monstrous to advocates. You know very excessively violent where when that scene after advocate some lady walk in on Montross Stop China Stop Sammy you know after they have their words with each other outside advocates is incredibly angry. He's in pain. He's confuse because he expresses that Montrose be him. So he would quote be soft yet. His Dad from from very homophobic perspective is considered soft. And he's also Abacus also pissed because it's revealed that his mother knew about machos being gay and no one told him anything. So that idea of parents keeping secrets, the idea of parents doing things that they claim it's for your protection or because they love you but it's really their own neurosis and psychosis. Being kind of inflicted upon you. Yeah I liked that they went there for this never they were talking about like whenever lead came out in. and. Out of was telling care what it was that made him like so upset, it wasn't necessarily that it's others gay was necessarily that everything was a secret. It was back that his father was so abusive to him and he always had hoped that the abuse was just the an expression of his father's love like he did not like a love well and then come..

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