Don Mcgann, President Trump, Zorzi discussed on Coaches Corner


Testimony unlikely sentence reduced. I'm Barbara Kusak. President Trump said he's not inclined to let former White House counsel, Don Mcgann to testify before congress more on that from correspondent Caitlyn Collins all the president tonight draw the clearest line between not letting Mcgann testify not letting really anyone testify in the last few weeks as he talked about this tactic of fighting all this peanuts. He hasn't brought up his former White House counsel's specifically, but he did so tonight. But one thing we didn't hear from the president was this criticism that he's been saying privately about Don Mcgann, trim said allowing again to testify would open the gates for others to be called and kinda recruit Najibullah Zazi who admitted he was going to attack the New York City subway system. Face sentencing, ten years later Zorzi could have been sent away for life. But he was sentenced to ten years in prison that federal court in Brooklyn almost as much time that he's already been behind bars prosecutors asked for leniency because they said he was extremely helpful in their counterterrorism efforts. Zaza met with government agents more than one hundred times since his arrest. He told the court he made a terrible mistake. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. President Trump says conservative commentator Stephen Moore has withdrawn from consideration for the Federal Reserve Board correspondent Cristina less. She says wars pass remarks about women had come under scrutiny as Collins. Stephen Moore had written basically were very sexist against women saying that women shouldn't be refereeing men's basketball games, suggesting they shouldn't even present at those games, and that led to Republican senators not being able to support Moore's nomination, the founder of incest therapeutics today became the highest ranking drugmaker executive convicted in a case tied to the US opioid crisis. Federal jury found seventy five year old junk poor and four colleagues guilty of bribing doctors to prescribe an addictive painkiller helping to drive.

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