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Miracle man recalls it was a miracle it was one one miracle on merit god took at once stood by his side bowling miracles one wonders miracle of miracles i was afraid bob long ago in jared palmer god what heart that was a direct call one god made no water the part that was a miracle sms mas iraq you is that as long oh god mm miracle bye the glad when day back was paul one god gave us in is that was called to but i'll all god's word the most his low oh god all too from fiddling around the roof something is known we'll all over the theater world about austin he has a severe stutter and he's had at all as life and yet he has travel through the the world of the theater and film and an singing the song here in in a big hit show and he just he just moves forward whatever's livers in front of him brushes with away and that and makes good austin pendleton by name ava gardner can help eleven that man she was helped a lot by shinawtra the background at a meeting in the back wherever this recording actually have to sing and she doesn't do a bad job either god lessons ms mann.

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