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One was from Mysterio. Yeah, then the fence tended we want tables, so KO gave them what they wanted and set up a table outside the ring. And he would later powerbomb ray through it. Well, it was funny 'cause where we were sitting when we saw Owen's lift up the ring skirt. Yeah. There was a TV on under there. Yes. And so we're talking about it. Well, that means someone has to be under there because why would you set it up? Why is there a TV on for no one, you know? Who's doing the run out from under the ring? Yeah. Answer? No one. No one. No. No TV for no one. Unless there's like crew ring crew that just you said that's Vince's new spot, right? Oh, yeah, yeah. I just want to be alone over me. So we were like, oh, this is gonna be fun. And then the skirt was open for so long that it was like, wow, there can't be any otherwise all the fans in the front row would see it. Yeah. Like see who's there. The undertaker just like laying there on his iPad. Carrying crosses like, no, stop it. Sorry, you can't come out, they tell you. Then later, Ballard later ladder from the ring to the announce table. Owens tried to powerbomb Seth onto it from inside the ring. But Seth countered with a back body drop in Owens went through the ladder. I mean, it cracked. It was amazing. Yeah. What a spot. And he sold it till way after the show went off the air. Yes, yeah. He laid there for what? Like, 8 minutes? Yeah. At least. That's cool. Back in the ring, Balor climbed the ladder, but Seth knocked him down and hit a curb stomp. And with everyone else dead, Seth made the climb and grabbed the contract. Yeah. And if you're surprised that you're a fool because he was the only heel in this match. Baller had the most touches on the contract. He did. Yeah, his strategy wasn't very good to just slap the car anytime he got near. The hanging. He was just slap it. Slap it. Yeah, yeah. Slapping McMahon. So there you go. I was thinking someone's gonna slap it. It was just like a flying oh yeah. And then Seth is like, you know, just grab it, idiot. All right. So biggie comes out and meets Seth by the stage. And then Seth goes for a handshake, but Big E to climbs. Total heel move. And then, and then he walks away from. Okay. Yeah. Backstage sheriff interviews Rollins and he just sucks his own dick to end the show. I felt like that was like watch this, Sarah. I felt like they went too fast, so they like shit. He need another minute. Yeah. Most likely. Yeah. And then if you listen closely, you can hear Vince in gorilla. Yeah. And then we thought like, well, Big E hasn't wrestled, so I guess they're gonna do some sort of dark match. And then Mike roams like, all right, good night, get the fuck out. Yeah. Yeah, there was nothing now for the show. That was pretty funny. Usually I thought Owens would have cut a promo or something. Right. But no, he sold it and got help to the back and was like leave. And we're never coming back. Right. Because usually they say, oh, we'll be back in blah, blah blah, but they're like, no, we're never coming back here. You know how? And after seeing the attendance I mean, it wasn't, it wasn't horrible. It was crowded where we were. Where we were because they were moving people from where the hard camera is over two years. They were. They were filling up our side because in videos I took last night. People were replying. They're like, why is it so empty? Yeah. Yeah. Right. Oh yeah, so I guess this title match will probably be on raw because Survivor Series is gonna be biggie and rains. Right. So I guess it'll be on raw in a couple weeks. Yeah, sure. Maybe like two weeks or so. Yeah. All right, let's give awards. Who did you have for worst dress? I had Riddick moss. Oh. I had madcap moss. Yeah. I had happy Corbin. So that whole team. Yeah, the whole team. Yeah, Corbin like wrestled in like a fancy T-shirt. Right. Best dressed Sasha Banks. She was amazing. I had Becky, I loved her tight thing that she wore. All right. And I had Liv Morgan as a sexy Chucky. Yeah. I have always said if Chucky had to be super hot. Wow. Worst acting. I have Charlotte Flair. Oh. That's good. I'm gonna go with shark. What a bitch. Fuck that bitch. Yeah. Fuck that bitch. Best acting. The Kevin Owens award goes to Kevin. As long as he's allowed to speak, he usually wins, yeah. Yeah, I'm going Kevin. You got a minute of Mike time. Worst comment? Hit rose promo. It was stupid. Done. It was bad. You know, I'm gonna go with mosses. Joke. Yep, but I can't fiction. Best comment. Boox is there. Books can help. Boogs get help. Yeah. I had Owens calling Rollins Cruella de ville. Worst match? Ali versus mansoor? Oh, God. Died Vega dewdrop. That's what I had. And that was also my slo-mo match. Okay, my slimmer was live carmela. Yeah. All right, best match? Clearly, ladder match. Ladder match. We're smooth. Any jobber that tried to stop Brock? It's like, what are you thinking? I had the three roll ups in the raw tag title match. That's a good one. That's what I had. Best move. Owens to the ladder on the outside back. Absolutely. Worst moment or segment. Hit Rowe. Welcome. The title exchange. Yeah, I had the belt swap, swap it up. Like, how fucking terrible. Yeah. It's so bad. Well, you're on the blue show, so give her the blue belt. And just how it all played out, you know? Sure. That would have been created. Let's go with that. Yeah. So unbelievably uncreative. And then best moment of segment coronation of king Woods. I'll go Lesnar going crazy. Okay. Yeah, I had listener as well. It's fun when he goes nuts. He turns into the hole. Yeah. You.

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