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Show take that what it is all these devices that are acting as your is very revolutionary for me the or less stress I have to put on somebody else is less stress on me and it makes me feel Amazon and show and tell just great for people who have vision issues but kind of shows you where it's going doesn't it. I I think the idea for that. Particular Product is dynamite. Of course for obviously Amazon. You have to remember Amazon if you had a fire phone which which they still have this which we found. These doesn't himself actually use nine because it won't hold enough naked pictures that we just you can't put the cruel filters on it long. It is anyway anyway. They had this. They had this feature. You'd put your point the phone at something and push a button and it would just look all over the does that. Yeah well while the fire phone. You're right had multiple cameras. I remember that has some system. It was really fast you could go into it with the product was then it would link right to Amazon. Resell it for Buck Ninety nine but which is the idea. But I think it's GonNa go further now. It just identifies stuff you're wearing bring you know anything. He'll start doing stuff. Tell you how it was less time. You washed your shirt to. It just doesn't feel you're good nothing about it feels good now. All this stuff sucks infected. Internet stinks Luba donation to know agenda. Imagine all the people who can do. Yeah that'd be Fab. It wasn't grouchy and if I can get worse when I wanted to thank you. People first starting with Tracy Bus Sano and Madison Alabama Obama. One two three four five if anonymous dog wants to help me. I am grateful. She's on the list. It's only non imas from dog. Patch not autonomous dog. Now you might as well get it right. If you're going for the for the promote amount really city bus driver in Eugene Oregon one hundred dollars Christopher rammer eight parts unknown Carolyn Ryan Blaney in Aurora Ontario. Isn't that one of the hog the hog wash hog stories caroline. Yes I think it is. Ab She got the newsletter before this latest one. Although horrible children's books in there she taught it was free and show we have A reading by Sir Felix Wilson of of The no agenda Book as you request John My first gun my first gun a Ilias catfish in Tele Pusa in Georgia. Neither deducing okay. You've been Helius Elias. Ilias helius earliest. Elias it is Elias Eight oh eight for him. Adriana Villa Nueva in blue spring Maryland. Seventy seven seventy seven genie's ladies Adidas. He'd do Brian Burgess Sixty nine thirty three from Pelican rapids as Minnesota John Kramer in higher them. Netherlands sixty nine dollars Gary Blat sixty six dot sixty keep up the good work Spencer Pearson in Kansas City Missouri. Sixty six No Agenda meet up eight sixteen collection. This is actually the so so this would be the eight sixteen locals donation. Yeah Okay Nice thank you very much. John Tierney fifty six seventy the eight by the way. Don't we have a make good with somebody who sent a node. s the one that you said you would take care of. Yes did you have that. Not all God you keep going. I'll I'll look it up but I will point out that you use specifically said you would point out my affordable so it's not a problem I know but now hustle and trying to figure out. Okay wait a minute. I may actually have done something as I have if I printed it I I should have. That's the problem. I had good intentions. I know I know you have good intentions. Is this this I I got one for serve road wolf. Oh this is good. No but after this I'll read it afterwards on wor tyranny seventy eight. Jim buell in springhill. Texas fifty three thirty three Dan during in a Eat Olea Missouri Fifty fifty and the following people. Fifty dollar donors shortlist again. Gerald van den brink in East Elster L. Trashed Lynn. Who Thrift who track? There's no L.. In New Trust crack I find received knighthoods celebrating it with extra donation of fifty bucks and got the accounting in. I'm a longtime listener. Recently found do no agenda The T. P. O.. PODCASTS in Holland for as we should say these days the Netherlands I'm a loyal listener says the day wondering commutes mountain. biking and traveling in the Far East in January January came back from China with Nice and deep a healthy cough cough. Oh Wow while listening to know agenda drinking too much corona beer always love the here John Slaughtering Dutch names and Adam using the Dutch accent accent talking about thank you for keeping you read the rest of this that with that accent okay. Von Moment I was looking for the email you lost costs. You know yes. Thank you for keeping my English small. In my mind healthy I would love to have beer and bitter Bala at the roundtable you got it Some Goat Karma and the jingle nothing to see here look over there which has been my tone for many many years as great of all these useless getting to know agenda. I'm noticing people more and more vacant up with a healthier ruled viewers elting also in the Netherlands. podcast cafe Schmitz. APO podcast podcasts. Johnson and the upcoming of think-tank and political party formed for democracy. Thank you for all the virtue insights you give joy and laughter. My future tonight name will be so doors night of the vile bore mountains in.

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