Governor Gavin Newsom, Hong Kong, China discussed on America's Morning News


In Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is insisting that in person learning will resume on Monday for preschool to eighth grade students. Despite the lack of a deal with the teachers union. The impasse could lead to a teacher strike in California Governor Gavin Newsom is butting heads with educators. The California Teachers Association pushback against reopening by sending a letter to the governor that says an aggressive plan focused on statewide safety measures and effective vaccine rollout for essential workers, including educators is needed. Newsom, who would like schools to reopen for some students within the next couple of weeks, reportedly told the union's quote If we wait for the perfect, we might as well just pack it up and just be honest with folks that we're not going to open for in person instruction the school year. Faxes Christina Coleman, escalating threats of violence against Governor Newsome and his family are under investigation. The Sacramento Bee says A voicemail and emails obtained by the paper contained graphic, abusive language about the governor and his wife. As China tightens its grip on Hong Kong, Britain is offering residents there a path to citizenship from today. Almost three million people in Hong Kong could apply for a new visa, offering a route to citizenship here in Britain. The offer was announced last year Is China imposed a tough new security law on Hong Kong? Which used to be British. China is angry and says it won't recognize passports issued under the scheme. The UK predicts more than 300,000 people may take up the offer over the next five years. In London. Simon Ellen Fox News for a second straight month manufacturing activity weekend in China following outbreaks of the Corona virus. The country's service industry also lagged in January. Campus..

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