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The intelligence under the private sector in fact. Frank we have to learn about this from the private sector is also i think Deeply embarrassing to the intelligence community so we have a lot of work to do on the last specific issue. I wanted to ask you about domestic terrorists. So you have you are now. You have been the victim of domestic terrorists. And i'm wondering how you think about the ice seized role in domestic terrorism in any given fourth amendment concerns and actually giving your is the fourth amendment issue them and make one other about solar winds and here again referring to public reporting but it public reporting is accurate that the russians took advantage of utilizing. Us facilities To mount part of its cyber attack knowing that the authorities we could use domestically are much more limited stories. we can use internationally. And we have to figure out that problem to In terms of the domestic terrorism threat and the icy role. Clearly there's an intelligence community role when there is a foreign component Foreign support of domestic bad actors. There's also an intelligence community roll through the department homeland security at the fbi in terms of sharing information that it obtains with law enforcement authorities. And make sure that it's done in a timely way that That they Intelligence is shared in a form where it will be paid attention to and You know on the basis of the public testimony thus far we could see their real issues and discrepancies. About what was the quality state of intelligence. How much of was shared if it was shared was that shared in a format where it you know it was sounding the alarm or was shared the format of well. We can find a document we sent to you. So you should have paid attention to We're doing an investigation in our committee working in concert with other committees to termine how much of this was a failure to gather the right intelligence. How much was it. A failure to share that intelligence. And how much of it was a failure to act on that intelligence You know i won't be surprised if there's responsibility to be attributed at every stage of the process but But the intelligence community does.

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