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Depend on it. Great to have you here on the Clark Howard show where it's all about you in that Walla yours, but right now on talk about something else. We're on the eve of Veterans Day. A day that for so many Americans. Is just if you get Monday off from work. It's just a day off from work. It hasn't really signify anything or mean anything to you. And it's because we used to live in a country where military service was shared sacrifice in every family. There were people who served in the military, and it was something you just did. In my family. I'm from an immigrant family, all my grandparents came to the United States sometime right around one hundred years ago. But pretty quickly. Members of my family. Went into the US military and my father and my two lane ankles both served in theaters of war in World War Two. My father was an officer in the army air corps during Vietnam. Both my older brothers served. One was a naval officer who served with the marines in Vietnam in the MAI, Cong delta. And my other brother was a sergeant in the national guard during the Vietnam war and talk about cousins and all the rest. It's part of what our family did the next generation of our family, not a single person. Has served or does serve in the military. And this is true for so many American families that we send the same small number of people in an all volunteer military who volunteer to serve our country and protect our freedom, and they deploy again, and again and again disrupting family life over and over again putting themselves in the line of fire. Endanger. And recently in Afghanistan. We lost a part time soldier who had been the mayor was currently while serving the mayor of a city in which the Salt Lake valley in north of there in Ogden, Utah and gave his life for our country. And we have people who make the ultimate sacrifice in theaters of war have made it all through our history. But is not Memorial Day. This Veterans Day coming up where we acknowledge. And show respect for and thanks to the brave men and women who've served our country through our nation's history. And I am so grateful to those who do and I take a very controversial position that I think we should join the other countries in the world not that many do this. But that you are required to serve your nation. For two years. After high school. And do so either with the military or in some form of public service for two years where we have a shared sense of what our country's about and. A shared sense of responsibility and duty to our nation this larger than just about ourselves. I believe so much in what this great country is made possible, and we are not a perfect country far from it. We do crazy things from time to time in the United States, and we have moments in our history. We're not proud of. But there's so much. We have done that. So great over the years. And we have long been a beacon of hope to the world. And we also have been there when our nation was challenged when freedom was challenged and brave men and women have been there for us. Well, we've been living our civilian lives. I encourage you to think about how we get back to a shared sense of service in the United States as we approach Veterans Day. This sunday. And ways that we can get involved. What activities can you get involved with it benefit, your larger community doesn't have to be military? I think about all the great work so many people do volunteering with various organizations thinking about pilots who volunteer with the civil air patrol. People who volunteer is auxiliary policeman, or volunteer. Firefighters. There are so many ways you can be part of being a force multiplier a force for good for our country. And so I ask you to think about ways like that. And if it suits your life. For you to join the national guard enlist in the military, whatever to provide for our nation's defense and protect those values. We hold so dear. I encourage you to do. So I I the last seventeen years had been a member of our state guard. You may not even be aware of such thing as a state guard, but and about half the nation states as part of the state military of the Air Guard the army guard, there's also a state guard, and I have been proud to serve and am happy to do what I can do when the missions. We do so often involve following some form of natural disaster. Glad of our activities in my state guard had been following hurricanes. Just recently deployed for that. Any kind of major event incident. Fires whatever state guardsmen are their search and rescue state guardsmen are there, and I have a wink at Clark dot com where you can see as we approach this Veterans Day how you could get involved with your state guard. It's part of each state guard is part of each state's department of defense reporting to ultimate to the adjutant general of state, many are embedded within national guard units. Others operate in assistance to national guard units as a signed by the governor of that state or the governor's Representative the adjutant general in many states. Much of the of the force is made up of people were prior military service in many states. You don't have to have prior military, and you go through version of boot camp usually called initial enlistment training the pays great nothing. The pays great the satisfaction. You have in serving your fellow citizens of your state and your country. Just one way of many ways, you can help out your fellow citizen and this great country and over these next few days. Think about not just the Veterans Day sales. Think about the veterans who did so much and sacrifice so much. So you, and I could be free and live in this great nation. Brenda is with us on the car coward show. Hi, Brenda Clark. So calling like Jerry Email a few days ago, like a letter form and person were wherever it came from saying that they hacked my Email account, and they had all my contacts and not to call the police because he couldn't trace it. And we're gonna charge me eight hundred ninety five dollars. If I if I didn't want them to put out photos or pictures, which there were no inappropriate pictures. But I was just wondering should I just shut down my Email and open a new one or is that? Right. So this this is a kind that we talked about months ago. There is a possibility that maybe this is not a con, and you are being blackmailed by someone who was a hacker who successfully broke into your count. But most often it is just a straight kind, and they know your Email address. But that may be all they know. Okay. But what I would suggest is that you do run first before you do anything else. Run a scan on your computer and make sure there are no viruses currently on it. Okay. Computer will run scans like on its own and it'll say to me, no, no viruses found, but I should go ahead and do that. Yeah. I would do that. And then go into your Email and change the password on your Email or Chromebook. I do not have a Chromebook was going to suggest that kind of helps you sandbox. But anyway, change the password and on that account and setup two factor authentication as well, you familiar with that that you can do with Email. I haven't done it. But I've I've heard yes. Okay. So I would set up to factor change the password. And if there's if there was an actual hack, the most common hacked people have suffered has been to Yahoo mail accounts. Was this a Yahoo mail account? This is a optimum mail account, so captive of your internet service. That's yes, optimum. Yes, that's my internet service. So I have a suggestion. I don't like for people to have their primary Email account even use one at all that is tied in with internet service is a different issue. But over the next few years a lot of people are going to disconnect traditional high speed internet through a phone or cable company. They're going to be a.

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