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You've been looking for. This is what you've been praying and dreaming about. And you found it. So grab yourself a non alcoholic, preferably a stimulant beverage. You know, coffee, tea, or maybe a ginseng juice or something like that. And sit down and have a listen because this is a very important show. And I want you to hear what I got to say, because Everybody needs to hear this damn stuff now. I just came back from Doing three live events. I did a live event in Dallas, where I had, like 40 clients there and then I did another live event in Atlanta at Porsche. Well, we had another 40 clients and then I did a big event last weekend behind enemy lines at CNN Center in Atlanta, where we had 100 You know, the official number was 1 37 My wife told me today it was more like 1 42 142 people showed up. They showed up C 142 people showed up and that's what you got to do in this world. That's That's really what you got to do in this day and age is show up and try to do something like you know when Barack Obama was the president of this country Making money became a dirty word He really did, except for him. I mean, obviously, after he graduated out of the White House, he made a lot of money. Probably made a lot of money while he was in the White House. So making money for him wasn't a dirty word making money for Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders could make money but making money for you and me. As far as those guys are concerned, that's a dirty word. And then We're here today. Where? Pretty much trying to be an entrepreneur trying to do anything in this world is a dirty word. You're not supposed to try and do anything. Everybody was like what? You're having a lot of events. What you crazy, Clint? You're not supposed to have wine event. You can't have live events here. It's not Safe. It's not responsible. It's it's like, Do you hate your clients? That's what people were saying. Do you hate your clients? No. I don't hate my clients. I love my clients. What I hate What I hate is Comrade build Blasio shutting down this city. What I hate is everyone in America thinking Well, we just can't do anything right now. We just have to wait it out. You know what This is what I have to say. And I made a video about this that I posted on my Facebook page today. And I may lose a lot of friends about this, but I don't care. If you are not trying to do stuff right now, if you're waiting it out to see what's gonna happen. Then you're not just part of the problem. You are the problem. That's what I really, really believe You are the problem. The problem in America right now is that Capitalists, business people entrepreneurs are giving up. They are thinking well, Donald Trump's going to solve this whole problem. Donald Trump is going to make everything Get better. Donna. When Donald Trump wins the election, then everything will be okay. You know what That's really not the attitude that we need right now. What we need is an attitude of hay. I'm in business. I'm going to make money. I'm going to do stuff. I'm gonna have my impact. I'm gonna make my influence on the world. I'm gonna earn my income. That's what we need from entrepreneurs today. And if you're an entrepreneur, and you're not doing exactly that, then Ha ha! I say that you are the problem. Yeah. You're the problem. I know you don't want to hear that. But if you think that someone's gonna come and wave a wand and all of these issues are going to go away, you crazy. We've got to start being leaders now one of the takeaways that I posted like at my event in CNN Center. Why did I do it in CNN Center? Well, Because I couldn't have a gathering of 100 35 nominal people in New York City. I couldn't have that No, no venue would host me. No venue would permit me to have a gathering of 135 people, so I had to do it in the hot spot. I did it in Atlanta, Georgia, which is allegedly a covert hot spot. And everybody was wearing masks a lot of the times a lot of times they weren't I gave everybody a button. Maybe you saw my button on Tucker calls in the other night on Monday night. Dr Marc Siegel held up my button and said no hugs. And I'm the one who created that button. I put that button and everyone's goody back and then subsequent to that I've seen Mihm's on Facebook, where people were saying that Dr Marc Siegel was saying that UN inoculated Children should have to wear a yellow badge at school, saying no hugs. That's not what the guy said. The guy was just saying that in order to be safe like we did at my event in Atlanta, you shouldn't be hugging people right now. Just to be safe. That's all. Just nobody needs to be identified as having cove it. Nobody has to be identified as being un inoculated. I'm not saying that. I never said that. He never said that. What he and I both believe is. Let's be smart in order to minimize spread of this terrible disease, which, by the way, if you're under the age of 25 if you get the disease, you have a one in one million chance of dying from That's right. That's right. Heard and read today. In order to limit the spread of the disease. Let's limit hugging at events. Normally, at my events, everybody's hugging each other. Everybody is very friendly. Everybody loves each other. And I put those buttons and everyone's goody bags so that people would not be hugging so that we would not be getting unnecessary spread of the disease and You know it was. It was pretty gratifying for him to hold up the button on Tucker Carlson and show it That was really great..

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