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At three o'clock. Good. Afternoon I'm Marie Osborne primary problems long. Lines and, waits occurring at some voting precincts in Oakland County yesterday to. Doing due to what some local. Kirk said was a shortage of election ballots but the county clerk Lisa Brown says she's looking. Into snafus at the local level that might have. Contributed for example there was a precinct, in Farmington, hills, I heard precinct in Farmington. Hills had we ran out of ballots, four times or something like that we originally, ordered them seven, hundred ballots we printed them another hundred yesterday they had seven hundred and thirty, voters that would leave. Seventy Ballots again. We're scratching our heads I. Mean unless they had a lot. Of spoiled ballots the numbers aren't adding up everywhere so we're we're we're taking. A real hard. Look at this Brown confirms that voter turnout was higher than predicted for the primary. And Gretchen Whitmer and Republican Bill Schutte will be vying for the governor's mansion come this November and. Gretchen Whitmer. Was asked more moderate the, issue more moderate than other Democrats who she defeated in the primary we're all you know progressive minded people with similar values but I am someone who wants, to get results I'm, not gonna tell you something that I can't deliver on and I think people in. Michigan like, that you know that we just want. Honesty we want competency we want. Government and get the job done Republican Bill Schutte takes a Trump. Endorsement into the fall campaign will come in and campaign for me and I welcome that well done this the voice is similar deal Elitist on the coast, so the Trump would never win sixteen, but look what. Happened but we won in Michigan those same. Places haven't gotten over the fact that is Michigan we want more jobs bigger paychecks McComb truck grant, will is where will produce the ramtruck. Moving from Michigan in Mexico Did that Republicans candidates speaking with Frank, Beckmann today the special election for a house seat in Ohio is still too close to call between, Republican Troy, bald arson, and democrat Danny O'Connor with Alderson holding a slim lead and expected to be named. The winner. DNC chair Tom, Perez says. It's amazing the race was. So close we saw the fact that a race that we had no business winning required five million dollars of Republican money visit from, the president and that's why we keep winning in places where we have no business winning and and we're competitive in a place where the congressman in two thousand sixteen one by over, thirty points New York. Republican Representative Christopher Collins has been indicted on insider. Trading charges the indictment also names the. Congressman son Cameron Collins and Stevens are ski the father of his. Son's fiancee the fraud counts relate to securities of an Australian biotechnology company where the sixty eight year old congressman served on the board prosecutors allege that Collins passed along secrets to his son. In June In of 2017 they say the sun traded on the inside information and pass it on desire ski they added that zarzusky then traded on it and tipped off at least three others North Korea may not, be living up to its commitments on denuclearization but another Trump Kim summit might still be in the cards correspondent will Ripley says, it is possible. To meeting could happen before the midterm the North Koreans believe it, is a strong possibility that there will, be, a second summit between President Trump. And North Korean leader Kim Jong, UN they think later this year possibly before the midterm elections in November how to make the academy of Motion Pictures Arts. And sciences at the Oscars how to make. That popular again will the Oscars team says by putting in a. Popular film category that might do it this past Oscars telecast was abysmal, it was the first time in ten years the ceremony had less than thirty million people watching. So academy president John Bailey says there's going to be a bit of a reboot I there are twenty. Four categories Oscar of which most people only care about a handful of them so some trophies will be handed out during commercial breaks. Also is guaranteed to be a three hour show only at a new category I'll Standing achievement in popular films so sort of box office driven honor and maybe marble we'll finally get an Oscar Jim Roope Los Angeles, WJR news time three or four we update traffic and weather. Next at farming WJR news time three oh five traffic and weather first on, the fives out to the roads we go with Mark Mitchell thank you Marie WGN traffic I only when may director that's eastbound, ninety four twelve. Mile that blocks the center and right lanes ninety four eastbound from, six ninety six eleven mile to little, MAC, thirty nine miles per hour little. Slower on seventy five southbound from, fourteen out of six ninety six telegraph southbound from twelve northwestern highway averaging twenty three miles per hour in about thirty on. M fifty nine eastbound from Hayes crash I'm. Mark Mitchell WGN traffic and weather first on the fives from the. JR weather said well so for every day this week has featured thunderstorms, in the late day early evening and today's no different tracking them in from the northwest year. Into tonight temperatures in the mid sixties they settled down late tonight additional storms around for our Thursday forecast with a high of eighty. Six And then Friday a break from the thunderstorm action with temps in the, low, eighties more scattered storms top of the weekend from the Weather Channel I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrimore loose talk seven sixty WJR eighty two degrees right now and the Dow is down right now. Twenty seven points I'm Marie, Osborne WJR news the next update's at three thirty or whenever news breaks This is the guy Gordon show on news talk seven sixty WJR.

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