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The mad river valley We're currently in conversation with a family coming from Burlington also somebody who who we hope to hire. So we really do have a wide geographic range and I think part of that is also because we have very accessible to all tuition model where we really want to make it work for whoever has the desire to be here. So low income families middle upper class. We have the demographics across the board So that really does appeal to people from all sorts of parts. Participate. and. And the. The kids who are at the at the Waldorf School and end up heading out to maybe to public high school as they include the eighth grade. How do they end up doing academically? Are they are they pretty solidly prepared for for? Public. School Education. Following the Waldorf School May I, May I answer the phone badly? Yes, go ahead your. The feedback we get is so strong that these children are just still. So excited about learning and engaged that they carry a lot of the conversations and discussions in class, and we even get this feedback on the college level that they are just so well prepared and active in their learning I have two kids that are in college who have gone through Waldorf. You know from early childhood. Childhood all the way through high school, and just they're just still wanting to work hard and that is an always seen and they're just valued people in the in the high school community as well as college. So it's it's exciting to get that feedback that they do appreciate receiving Waldorf students and not just people from Orchard Valley by any of the other Waldorf schools that are. Far and wide, but academically, they're strong. They're strong. And sometimes thinkers that that. Don't mind going outside the box to work on them and we really developed social skills here like putting down the tablets and putting it on the computers and working human human eye to eye and and so this is also social education, and that plays out strongly in other whether it's the they go out and get jobs or they're working at high school or as I said, college that they have a real firm basis to work from. in in. That Square's pretty well with the Your your desire to minimize the amount of screen time, it gets incorporated into into the educational programs here, I mean when we when we think about these hybrid programs that are going to be somewhat online someone in classrooms and so on. I've had public school teachers as guests on the on the show here and Who? The last spring were lamenting the the loss of what they call the social emotional connections. Kids make just by by being in the classroom together and having to kind of get along with one another and all that sort of thing That's that's gotta be a huge part of education, which I think isn't really part of the formal curriculum is much maybe therefore under appreciated, right? I think you're right I the the emotional health of children having that social contact. Yeah. We just finished today's actually last summer camp here, and we've been watching the children that. Oh, my goodness just so happy to be. Be With other children when they've been at home and living remotely that Yeah, it's been pretty pretty cool to see. I- solution. It turns out is probably not that good for the soul I mean I. I know there's a lot of stories about various people who've gone off into the woods and. Been Hermit for awhile or something. You think a Henry David Theroux or somebody but But I I I, I guess for most people. GotTa, have that that human contact and and and and it's gotta be valuable thing to not just the human contact with your. Family or those who were sort of already close to you. But you know that new kids who just moved into town or something just showed up at school and and figuring out how to how to welcome the new person and and maybe can just compare experiences learn learn what you can from them about. What their life is like that sort of thing. So and also how to how to resolve conflicts, how to be okay with that and state, what your needs are and how to work through. That is so important and we spent a fair amount of time. We're helping kids navigate conflict and that it's not a bad thing, it's an opportunity to grow but I think our world needs. That is how how to work through conflict. Yes. Indeed, that is is key consideration. I wanted to take the last couple of minutes here in. Ask you to reflect on. What what kind of lessons can be imparted to your students? Year the kids in your charge from this experience that we've all had with the COVID nineteen crisis What what would you say that to that Leave, Becker. I would really say that the the primary thing we're all learning and students I think exemplify, it's even more than the adults is just resiliency the ability to adjust and adapt and and look at one another in a different way from a distance, and how do we be closed the? The navigation of this new time, it's completely foreign and the children are the ones that know how to do it and are adapting more quickly. So if anything what can we learn from them and all we can offer them is to be guides in that work and to be sturdy on our own feet so that we can help how show them the way to to finding a new normal. Really. Jeopardy Jeopardy Eli? Would you say that? That was great. Madly, I would also say gratitude for all the people that are here ready to help them and care for them whether we're talking about our health professionals or we're talking about teachers that. There, is a net for them during these uncertain times and they will be cared for but we all have to chip in and do our part, and we're ready on September eighth to to meet them and and see how they're doing and see those be one of the first times who've gathered again. So. It'd be interesting. It'll be really something and. Wish you I wish you both excellent luck with all this as well as as well as your staff and students at the origin rally waller of school and its affiliated programs Molly Becker and Kathy Eli of the Waldorf School or Valley Waldorf School for grams of been my guests this last segment of the Dave Graham show. Thank you very much for joining me. Thank you. Thanks. And we are heading into our. Top of the hour. And the end of the day Graham show for this Friday. August seventh and stay to now for W. DV's live coverage of the governor's news conference. With other top state officials are responding to the latest developments in the nineteen crisis. We will see all Monday have a good weekend folks..

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