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Mercedes Benz of Plano news center ten eighty KRLD hashtag trending find out what's trending here in North Texas today obviously still on a corona virus related items on here including quarantine food shopping and I'm talking to you all your quarters but we have trending pictures and videos of empty store shelves continue to circulate it seem everywhere right target Walmart does matter where you go so if you were to be quarantine here are some tips from someone who's actually going through it topping did post they shared a list of what food to buy from an Italian woman who's been in quarantine along with the basically the rest of that country check out what you already have that's for starters the chances are you might already have enough food stashed in your fridge in your pantry to get you through a couple of weeks probably a couple of months at our house if not some good basics are rice the pasta oats means it's not really Atkins friendly as it canned vegetables to their versatile or they've got a long shelf life you can plan the meals with common ingredients to say use your freezer use your freezer put stuff in there and skip the junk food because that that's probably the first thing you'll go through if you ever do have to be quarantined and it's bad for you anyway that's right I love fixer uppers chip and Joanna Gaines have announcer and annual magnolia market's spring at the silos canceled now I know it's a tragedy just another Texas event though that's cancel due to corona virus concerns in a statement magnolia wrote the health and safety of our attendees employees is our top priority they also said that whoever bought the ticket to the event will be issued a full refund chip says that he and Joe want to reimburse up to one thousand dollars in travel hotel and expenses to the vendors there you go wall so Kerry Underwood canceled at Choctaw have been do rant I wondered about the casinos up there when you need to talk to all I don't know what that's like in there yeah if anyone another unlikely victim of the corona virus concerns as KFC's finger lickin good commercials that seems obvious when you say it with the increasing attention being placed on hygiene KFC has decided to pause its latest advertising campaign which includes our bring back that finger lickin good slogan probably not a good idea in the days of the corona virus definitely not make sure you wash your hands if you are going to eat it though if you are superstitious to mid day might be a little scary for you it's Friday the thirteenth but what are people so afraid out study dot com's is there a store called Vance that show the unlike unlike in as of this day and the number so biblically there were thirteen people present at the last supper and Judas being the thirteenth to arrive next day Friday supposedly the day Jesus was crucified crucified numerically the number thirteen may be considered unlucky because of its predecessor twelve in numerology twelve is considered a complete number twelve Olympic gods muscles month study excited so I even historically a lot of people just omit the thirteenth floor and there you go hopefully are you scared might do you know what the the of the actual word is for the natural fear of Friday the thirteen what is it I get to say this every time we have won the parents gave a deca try a phobia.

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