Matt James named first black lead on 'The Bachelor'


We can talk about all the different ways that the protests the black lives matter movement have made an impact but the one the one that definitely I didn't see coming was impacting television do you see that one coming I didn't I really didn't the interesting that the the thing that's impacted television we're talking about is the bachelor for the first time this is ever right in all the seasons of the bachelor any seasons they are going to now finally feature a lead as African American as the bachelor for their show yeah they have an African American bachelor now there was an African American bachelorette but this is the first time there has ever been an African American bachelor that's huge that's huge for a variety of reasons that's what I want to talk about is indeed with us do we have any we have Eddie Eddie adept Narges at our pronounce it anti death March our daughter I'm sorry say again hello hi Janet Marie Dennis Dennis okay Yeni de energy from reality blurred dot com joins us welcome on the disk institute of his birthday's line I'm a big you know I I like I think that a lot of women are like me there's kind of like you I'm a romantic at heart I would have loved the bachelor join fifteen seasons ago if there had been more diversity on their your roommate who just have not did just really kept with a predominantly white cast they don't know the little better job than sort of diversifying the last few years and people have call them out for having white lead after white read you're after year after year and their argument was that well this is an ongoing soap opera and we cast from the people who were on the previous season so we have to have more diverse cast and they did that and last year we had agreed to potential candidate Mike Johnson who could have been a bachelor and instead they went with another white guy big surprise what is the rationale the day give or have given for why they've not been more diverse in their selections I don't know if they've actually like besides just explaining that you know that they really do want to cast from within the franchise to kind of keep those story lines going I haven't really seen this and an argument about why they're doing better or what they are what purpose there would be but after casting regional India a few years ago who is the first black bachelorette my complaint to the creator of the bachelor franchise said basically that viewers didn't watch because probably that because she was black he said I'll just call him here he said how old are you going to explain the fact that she's down in the ratings when black or white she was an unbelievable plot bachelorette it revealed something about our fans and I think about something about our fans are you there is some racists and the fan base you wouldn't want to watch a black person on the show it's probably scared them off from doing it in the last few years until obviously this morning when they announced their change of heart they decided to push back and you know I that's it that that is interesting to me and one of the things I said to you in my email and he was that you know I spent forty years in television news and that's the kind of thing that we used to hear over the years you know well our viewers might not accept that from an African American hi the viewers might not take to a black person sitting there at the desk obviously this was years ago and we used to argue but you know what maybe you have to set the trend maybe you have to show viewers you have to teach viewers that African Americans can do this job just as well as anyone else do you think that the black lives matter movement is helping to push that narrative along now I think so I mean I think obviously the events of the last two weeks and that our region I think finally a lot of people understanding what bald black lives matter activists and others have been saying for years and years I think really it was probably a catalyst in this instance temperature it's you know I think that's a good step forward but what you're saying there is a lot of the systemic problems and I think that's even true on the bachelor and me in the franchise like most of the producers on the show are white Rachel Lindsay has talked about her experience on the bachelorette when the show cast someone who had posted a bunch of racist messages online and then basically created a story line in which he was in conflict with another person then and sort of exploited that racial tension to try to get ratings for that you've done so you know it's not just good enough to just make this one change that's the start and I think this you know black lives matter being the catalyst without is is excellent and now though they really have to figure out how to produce the show in a way that is actually not as inclusive but like really honoring the people that are casting instead of just you know doing the same thing that they have been doing for forty students

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