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Grew up very different from the life. We're living today like on office so much so that I feel guilty. Sometimes, like when I got home, Paul, it took me months to fill, like I should even foot in it because I was like, in my town, the person, first of all, it was above ground in only one person had one and they were the you're like, oh, my God Laremy, swimming pool. That was the big story around town. And when I felt so guilty when I go swimming pool isn't that interesting. I think I go the opposite direction now where like we are on food stamps, at one point growing up, and I remember watching my mom, and it makes McDonald's line like counting pennies because. That was our dinner in her not being able to feed herself that night, and now I go above and beyond, like any time I go through the McDonalds drive. You want apple pie you want this, you want that, like I go over above and beyond, because I like, I'm so happy, I can provide for my children now. And we can live at live because growing up. I mean it was like we ran out of food. We didn't have stuff. I didn't realize how like poor. We were. And I you know what's great about that is everybody was also four around me. So no one really knew. So it was all for us. It was just pretty normal every because again, I would say to go to lunch sometimes, and I would just take a Brown paper bag with no food, and just so people knew I had lunch. But again, I'm very grateful for a lot of the struggle that I went through because now I'm able to help and give back because I if it weren't for that I didn't know I don't think I could do what I do now. And be able to notice those things. Now, like, like I notice I like there's times in a grocery store lying. I like I wait for the moment for someone in front of me that I know is struggling swipe that card to pay for the groceries and I wanna do I wanna cover it because I think I think about those things now and I'm always aware because I did grow up like that. So it's, it's your conscious of it. You're so much more conscious. Eric will be like, when we go to olive garden. He'll like look for a family. He's like, let's, let's cover their Bill just because we just that's the way you think now because you witnessed it, you know, no, I'd like to hear what you do a little bit. I need a man, I think our listeners. Jers. This is actually not a cover, but this is called. I need a man Jessie. James decker is here. And I encourage you to check out, she got music out there. It's been a while. It's good. Glad it hasn't awhile all that stuff. Yeah. And so here's what's semi up here about play. Yeah. I kept thinking to myself, you know, there's all these songs about girl power in like screw the dudes. And this just I don't know. That's not my mentality. I think we can be empowered as women,.

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