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Actually forced retirement by me on you sandy from washington longtime this email reads harper became a legend yesterday he became the face of baseball the we need it for so long taking a stand against these cheap pitchers winging one hundred mph harbaugh's people to repair the broken egos hitters can't celebrated dinger but a picture can celebrate a strike out it's garbage believe me no one will get hit in retaliation for strickland because brice held his own business marketed to six but i think they'll be retaliation the gaps will be that's why buster was so upset allegedly he knows he's the guy going to get one i agree though even if he thought he showed him up quote unquote and their definition being shown of his different than any of ours or really any other athlete any of this board even if he stood in the box a second or two to admire one of those titanic bonsey it off him what strickland did to him is way beyond what harper did hamid admiring network a ninety eight mph fastballs you have no chance of getting out of the way of so where do you see where posied did what he did or do you think that was park and he should have been out there no matter what his teammate was in a fight he should have been in that pile where you can argue that you know what he does need a throwing punches just find somebody hold on at least looked the part at least look like you care or if you're posy in that moment are you thinking ammari kidding me strict really three years later you're gonna dot their best player you do know that europe wants to become a bad idea strickland never left pick up a bad deal with that but buster will today.

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