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Garage. He calls in detective Toyota and they alert the bomb squad. The sheriff's detective looks inside but doesn't have it searched and doesn't collect any evidence from it. The car is a mystery and certainly unusual. Something else. Unusual is found this time outside the home on the grass. There are small, plastic Baggies often use for drugs drug sniffing dogs come to the scene searching the outside and the inside of the home. But nothing is found two people interviewed by police say they think the attack might not have been random, but no proof that the victims were targeted was ever found. The armored Mercedes, the plastic Baggies, detective, Toyota would later say he considered the possibility that the murders were drug related, but concluded that the attack was indeed random. Most of the other relevant evidence is believed to be inside the house where detectives are trying to make sense of what went on the night before it's overwhelming. The three bodies are upstairs in the master bedroom, but detectives discover a bullet and two bullet shells and guest bedroom to, and there are signs of a robbery, not far from the bodies purses are found overturned on the bed with their contents scattered a small black safe is set on top of nearby armoire and it looks as if somebody had been trying to open it. It's a complicated confusing. Crime scene and police are videotaping noting and photographing every inch looking for a significant clue. As the search for evidence stretches into days, there are far more questions than answers. The only person who could help piece together as an intensive care with a bullet still in her neck. Who shot Camille Hamilton and killed faith Bissessar Davian and Bishop and the Keita Hamilton. What police haven't yet realized that the key Twi denting suspect is hiding in plain sight. It sitting next to the bodies in the bedroom. Though it will be many months before it reveals its secret. It's a roll of duct tape and it contains what will become the most significant piece of evidence in the entire case. On the next up felonious Florida. The Sinoe murders, Camille Hamilton shares more about the fourteen unexplained hours inside the Encino street home. But our investigation reveals that her story was inconsistent over many interviews. She gave to police. Then after months of dead ends in the investigation police catch a break that holds more promise. They began to zero in on a suspect. Thanks for listening to this episode of colonial Florida. If you're enjoying the podcast, please rate us on apple podcasts and tell your friends about our show is available online at felonious, Florida dot com. Apple podcasts, one dot com or wherever you listen to podcasts, you can go online to see photographs video and read more about the cases were featuring felonious Florida dot com and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the loneliest Florida is produced by the south Florida sun sentinel. Wondering, the Encino murders was reported and written by Stephen hops, and I'm your host and sound designer indicate Austin our producers, David shoots and one or tak- editing by Randy were Guskey sound direction by Sean pits with additional recordings by Carleen. Jean courtroom. Mahdia was provided by w. f. o. r. CBS Miami. The felonious Florida team includes Lisa Arthur, Dana banker, Iran zoo, Danny Sanchez and Kelly fry. Hi, this is Stephen Hobbs. Local journalism matters support us by joining the Sun-Sentinel south. Ford is leading source of news information and entertainment, visit Sun-Sentinel dot com. Slash join.

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