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And that you're traffic on ninety three wm our text them here's an airport ramadas record shipu i like it in and word record doesn't get used anymore so at the gets school fight uh what are we doing a redoing we're knowing nothing by talking about topics of the day i thought we were doing bizarre foul i'm sorry i had done you know what i had everything ready for that so i apologise outside the box i'm going to switch gears now and we're gonna talk about bananas it's a big friday topic at the top of might stop fair so jerry not one officer you know i've tried to do and the suck at it it it sounds like it sounds like a raccoon being killed or the shuttle yeah what i tried to do is take the press than tip of peeling it from the other end and i shall we would all the time i can't bring that myself to do and i demonstrate what he's talking about your a creature of hab i guess so but yes steve instead of taking their by the long stem you just do it and it you pinch pinch it if the bottom is how the mobile well that's why jays loves it that's how we feel are bananas now because that's how the animal rise and so the very same creatures that fling their approve at each other there are also but it's a much more efficient way to peel it because sometimes that stem part will break off yeah you just get a sliver come and then he got a dig your nails into it and you got had for it doesn't break even in the banana can fall apart this doesn't break the banana appeals perfect every time you just said it and forget as i did short term arches real rumpold peel peel banana peel link at all make center now we are met we might be running outta bananas what's wa the elliott ha factory no the washington post reports a banana attacking fungus which is called foods area foods area yeah that's where the animal the three stooges stuff no that the stooge area okay uh but it's a cousin to our jansher note for his area wilt is what is called.

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