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I'm Elliott Doshman our next reported eleven thirty one on ten ten wins wins news time eleven twenty three fire investigators say a fire that killed us sixty three year old disabled woman in queens was sacked forty nine year old romper stomper sort of queens has been arrested he faces murder and arson charges sources say the suspect is a former tenant of the home neighbor deal dot Cipriani so captured the fire on his home surveillance camera and says the victim are seen shard didn't have a chance against the fast moving fire monitors like something like a scream and I look through the window as soon as I look through the windows all that I can see is a small. video shows a man pacing near the home before and then walking up to other than walking away from it soon after the man leaves flames are seen from a house a woman can be seen struggling at the window it's believed that woman was the victim. the situation in parts of the Bahamas is overwhelming with so many homes destroyed there are now twenty confirmed deaths and that number is expected to go up as the international community looks to help the Bahamas prime minister Hubert Minnis says there are big logistical hurdles national airport in Abaco is under one and all others art accessible by land the military's using helicopters to get supplies to the Bahamas and president trump says America is putting its good fortune with Dorian to good use we're taking some of the supplies from other places including Florida well we didn't have to use them and within a brief bringing them over to the Bahamas with a really needed very badly soccer make Donnie Washington marking Dorian is off the southeast coast of Georgia and is moving north toward the Carolinas it is gaining strength and.

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