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CBS, David Begnaud, Donald Trump discussed on Tommy Tucker, WWL First News


How racism affects our patients and their health and their lives just like others but the demonstrations were mostly peaceful CBS's David Begnaud caught up with one group headed to trump tower there marching through midtown everybody is behind the line and the organizers were strict let me tell you in fact at one point they were chanting we will not agitate the police because we want to get home safe no one agitated anyone really and the police let them along the street so to speak president trump has said that the whole world is laughing it states where protests have turned into riots pope Francis isn't laughing at all the fat that yes okay let the least that uniquely he says the world can't turn a blind eye to racism nothing is gained by violence and so much as long as Charlie CBS news special report I'm Peter king with Louisiana starting phase two of easing coronavirus restrictions on Friday Louisiana lieutenant governor Billy Nungesser says he's anxious to start promoting tourism and again and try to get businesses more business as we ramp back up many of the shops attractions and restaurants can only go for so long and that's what we're going to aggressively try to get people out to support the local economy here Louisiana Nungesser says they all contribute to the region's ability to draw visitors and without them they can't do that the city of New Orleans however will remain in phase one despite the state going to phase two on Friday tattoo enthusiasts can get into again starting in phase two but the experience won't be the same it's been kind of a stroke of a lot of us didn't get any kind of assistance Linda Morris is the owner of plan and animations tattoo studio in baton Rouge and says it was tough on jobs but they are happening back in business walk ins they'll be on hold for a while everything is going to be strictly off appointment is so that we can keep the capacity of the shop down to RT and client Morris says he's installed a sink for hand washing is reception area will be taken from the turn when I walk in the door and there will be provided face coverings and orders will all have met Kevin Barnhardt W..

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