Obama Administration, Combs, Dave Waterman discussed on Red Eye Radio


Bombshells it does more disservice to the obama administration and the credibility of call me than anything about trump here's the here's the thing stephanopoulos i know he's asked this question i know he asked do you believe that trump or someone in his campaign worked with the russians to change the election results or influence the election you believe that people are guilty of doing that you don't think that would be in the promo if he asked that if you didn't ask that question i don't know the point of the whole interview 'cause by the way that's what you're looking that's what people will think they're going to hear that's a great point do whether you you're not going to air the answer but if you didn't ask that question then you didn't do your job right you just show the question being answered in the camera close up on combs face no answer sunday night fright you get the answer eight six see we know how to do promotional i eight six six ninety redeye the dates and location for the thirty sixth annual shell rotella super eggs contests are set dave waterman from shell has the details we are going to be at white travel center in rabin virginia it's a little bit outside of lexington virginia right off i eighty one and i sixty four it was designed way back when the way for shell rotella to give back to the trucking community appreciation for all lay dead and all the support of our brand it's an event that really encourages truckers to get together whether they're gonna show a show caliber truck or just their daily driver that might.

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