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Well and the story of all from there and what were their repercussions for wells though i may not always heard that william randolph hearst did not like this movie and when asked orson welles did he sick his attackdog luella parsons the hollywood columnist on on orson welles yes that's part of the incredible story behind susan pain which you almost half my book is talking about about that very point you could do just before the movie was released the two competing national film critic parsons him mm opera both saw the film both immediately assumed it was all about hurst oh her story asian moved into action i try to suppress the film mimic try to destroy the film actually actively by the negative and burn it and then many many months later continued to try to discredit horse welcome so through communist witchhunt and all kinds o on tactics that we would consider completely inappropriate for journalists today yeah well it's interesting because these ladies a somewhat forgotten but luella parsons in had hopper they really they ruled hollywood and people lived in fear of what they're going to say about them in their column i know that had had she had a house in beverly hills and tropical avenue and she called it the house that fear belt but you with the but a wells was vulnerable though was he not because in new york in the world he had been closely associated with a leftwing movements and hearst could use those political associations against him and did i go there was plenty do attack i mean well not a communist himself but he associated with all kinds.

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