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Dwight clark caught eleven passes his senior season clemson no one from the nfl was ringing his phone but when clark's phone rang with the voice on the other end looking for his roommate quarterback steve fuller clark found his opening it was bill walsh the forty niners coach the short of it clark caught fuller's edition with walsh clark walsh's i and clark caught on a tenth round draft pick of the forty niners in that same seventynine draft class joe montana the two became fast friends early on it wasn't so much game recognizing game but good looks recognizing good looks golden joe and hercules the west coast offense was in its infancy connection was being made and it was a good look a couple of years later the catch the best part of the whole deal is after making a play like that after being in that huddle with your peers and going through battles and wars all year then running to the sideline to see all year teammates to get high fives and hugs and you know it's just there's just nothing like it the catch spawned the first five super bowl titles over the next fifteen years the forty niners dynasty clark played in two of those super bowls and spent all nine of his nfl seasons with san francisco twice named all pro the team retired is number eighty seven clark then worked in the organization's front office humble and lovable larger than life storybook some guys have all the luck then about fifteen months ago clark's public story change with this tweet i wanted to share some unfortunate news i have a l s clarke had been diagnosed two years earlier but kept it close to the vest better known as lou gehrig's disease ales is a disorder that affects the function of nerves and muscles.

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