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Mike dear jansen here in studio giving give you a deal get back to the sport's leveled coming up and just a little bit kevin flynn on the board in the well the unsuitable a brackets of come out for did division one man's hierarchy the tournaments starting up this weekend and we will just we won't very the lead here kevin not a big surprise we knew that north dakota to be hosting here if are going shields reno again but i another go for coming up no there had a new northeast we get to that just met but of the western regional here at shields reno it will be at north dakota facing in boston the you that's right to boston university north dakota that's friday march twenty fourth at two o'clock central time the chills arena so you know friday a lot of people be taking the day after work that will be a crazy time coming up and the top seeded that bracket no big surprise the just were able to face some last night in a tough loss me and see eight see minnesota to lose their top of the bracket five thirty central time minnesota dilute taken out ohio state so that's the western regional of the into double eighth ice hockey championship ne regional as you mention the gophers number one seed they're heading on alton going to new hampshire they'll face notre dame and then on the other side of racquet cornell and matt chester massachusetts low denver another and see eight seed team they are heading out top seed in the midwest at cincinnati the face michigan tacked penn state on the other seven record taking on union that out east it's a harvard in providence the other side air force in western michigan so pretty representation their from the and see eight see but again you never see in north dakota and you're chills arena coming up on friday at two o'clock and will keep the updated throughout the day here on the mighty seven i t_j of gio.

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