Governor issues disaster proclamation, National Guard to Chicago as unrest continues


Locally protesting continued Monday in Chicago some of it peaceful a bit more violent looting as well reports of looting on the south and west sides of Chicago also looting in the wicker park neighborhood more protests of their also reports of looting and shots fired in Cicero the downtown area of Chicago's been shut down for the most part since Sunday only open to essential workers and downtown residents that semi lockdown was a move by mayor Lightfoot after the protesters looted loot businesses and set fires to buildings and storefronts Saturday at looting and fires continued over the weekend mostly on the city's south and west sides governor Pritzker has issued a disaster proclamation it covers cook champagne to page came candle Madison McCall and Sangamon and will counties he's also calling upon more troops from the Illinois National Guard and more state police it is difficult to put into words the damage that has happened to our communities over the weekend because there are small businesses and lives and jobs and public property to think of a difficult second rebuilding task of people on top of the pandemic induced economic strife that we're living in another two hundred fifty National Guard troops have been called up to help communities across the state governor didn't say how many would be deployed to help those are already assisting Chicago police additional support from state police is on the way governors sending three hundred plus Illinois state police troopers and local communities to assist those municipalities assistant deputy director at I. S. P. lieutenant colonel David Byrd described what those troopers mission will be the ISP supports the peaceful protests there are curry across the nation and across the state of Illinois for members of our communities who want their voices heard we're also committed to protecting the fundamental rights of life and property

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