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Which do i want which do i want i think of him on the clock right now i would take rob kelly because i think that he will be the starter to begin the year it my love for semis appearance well documented on the show but i still think that rob kelly played well enough that they will give him a chance to maget will eventually takeover and be the too damn pack for that team but if on drafting on what the guy who's gonna give me help right now and then whoever spends the draft pick on subversion goes three weeks with him doing nothing jabs then do either drops moriarty eight foreign mgm yeah all right i'm gonna go with the un with the late round adp valued team i'm going glitz and glamour i'm going the atlanta falcons open the limo door nl walks matt ryan divide to freeman and julio jones you talk about the the holy trinity of fantasy points on a team and you know i love an an offense and in consideration was washington ah i do like them new england obviously but you have a potential number one wide receiver a potential number one running back and then a potential you know we saw this you know topthree type of quarterback and i am firmly in the camp they believes that the beat will go on for the atlanta falcons offenses year and so i'll say my favorite fantasy offense is atlanta taylor gabriel's a sleeper playing has the potential to you know austin who corinne of renault but those three ten calm and obviously as well but those three big guys.

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