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Back, relax, and get ready for martinis. There is good man. Hey, we're back Jonathan prices. Somebody whose name I, I got to know from my obsessive listening to the original cast recording of miss Saigon. When I was a young child, he rejected the role of the engineer in that show. But since then I've gotten to know him through any number of famous film roles. He was terrific in this movie called Carrington, which is about a dying writer, and I realized that that sounds depressing and it was, but he was great in it. The movie tomorrow never dies is not a terribly great bond film, but he is a really great character in it. And then he's been in the pirates of the Carribean franchise. He was in Brazil. He was in Glengarry Glen Ross. Most notably in most recently, you probably saw him in game of thrones where he played the hyper religious high Sparrow. He's now a new movie called the wife with Glenn Close. He plays a Nobel prize winning author. And what's interesting about this movie is how it's focused on the perspective of his wife. Normally you'd expect something like this to be told about the author as he prepares for his big award, but. What's beautiful about this is it's really focuses on the sacrifices that his wife again played by Glenn Close has made over the years to help him attain this goal. And there are some kind of twists in the movie, which I don't dare spoil, but it's a surprisingly like plot heavy movie for being such a character study. And that's what I really liked about it. And I really liked the way that price was willing to play this man who sort of seems above it all an intellectual. And then when he's in the dirt with his wife, when they're having, you know, fights or discussions or even just like talking about what they're going to have for breakfast, you can sense all this water that's under their bridge. I think it's a really terrific little movie. I think he's terrific in it and we wanted to talk to him about some notable. I in his long long and storied career. So Jonathan prices up now. Jonathan, thank you for being here. My pleasure. So we're going to do something we call first, which is we're going to take you through some of the firsts in your lustrous career, and I just kind of want to start at the very beginning. Do you remember your first audition, even if it was like for playing the rabbit in some elementary school play? I didn't have to, but I was. Seven. I think it was of a six. Seven might have been a bit young and it was a school play, and it was cold ferry gold. And in my mother's house, I found the ticket Ferre go. She still had it, and I was playing an elf. My mother's made the costume instead of a shot silk half Greenhoff Brown with the fringe bottom. And I had a line that was come brothers for it. His code. And we had the rehearsal, and I said, come of this visit is code, which I thought was great method work at that age. And the teacher took the line away from me, gave it to somebody else. From that day to this, I've determined that no one will ever align away from me. When you were in that situation where you're like, I want to do more of this, or was it just, were you still too young to really have it more? I was I I was more angry. And also Melvin Evans was playing the king and I really wanted to play the king. Yeah, the kids what was headlight two candles of. Yeah, it's not hanging down. They nose and he had them. And how can you cost boy, even then you copy a king. He's snotty nose anyway. What was kind of the first time you were like? I want to do this for a living I well, that was a long time coming because all I was interested in at school was was aunt on. I left school at sixteen and went to school when I say two years, and then I went to teacher training college to teach us, then you had to do is subsidiary Kohl's, and I was told the easiest coast to require the least amount of work was the drama course on..

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