Andrew Brunson, White House, Dr Jen Ashton discussed on Rosie on the House


Arizona's news station. KTAR news now KTAR news time is nine thirty. I'm Leon the president was in Ohio last night rallying voters by speaking about his success in helping get a detained American pastor back home from Turkey. ABC's Tara Palmeri reports from the White House. Andrew Brunson and evangelical pastor from North Carolina with convicted by Turkish corps who accused him of spying and aiding terrorist Brunson and US officials denied those charges. The pastor celebrating the end of his twenty four month attention by kissing. The American flag after touching down in Germany Trump who is increased pressure on the Turkish government for the pastor's. Release says he's invited Brunson for a special visit to the White House today. The New York State Department of health is now warning parents to be on the lookout for a respiratory virus that can lead to a rare disease ABC's, Dr Jen Ashton. We're talking here about. Relatively common. Respiratory virus called enter a virus that gives you typically mild symptoms very much like the common colds, occasionally, it has been associated with a FM or acute flaccid Maya latest that gives you symptoms very much like polio weakness or prowess in the arms and legs. But right now these cases that we're seeing in the country only one has been confirmed to be associated with enter a virus. He says it was suddenly affected it certainly affected thirty eight people across the country. Now, let's get a check on traffic. Here's Mike Daniels in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center, we've got a crash blocking HOV lane loop one zero one northbound right there and Elliot road. Also crash blocking the shoulder on the loop.

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