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Cheney mark David van Damme and Scott robin making sense of it all having some fun little phrases this is mark Lee van Damme and robin Robert show thanks so much for being here Jerry Markley that's David van camp there Scott robin's story day I was told it was inevitable we all knew this day would come right the Democrats are moving forward with the impeachment of president Donald J. trump with two articles of impeachment June of destruction of Congress and abuse of power what what is three I have a quid pro quo yeah we don't have a case not mine no they said if we're not going to get on this we'll just keep moving down the line so you figure out something to impeach him on so just this broad abuse of power that's what we're going to I mean I I'm not arguing that Congress doesn't have the right to impeach a president for pretty much anything they want but this is a weak man it's almost to me feels like they fell into the trap the Democrats that because this is going to play right in the trump plans I really do believe that I mean you can have all these talking more on on cable news today like it's their great take him with this is only the fourth time in history that we're witnessing this right here and they're all in jubilation it's gonna be for not we all know the end of this story then it's not gonna remove trump and we're already seeing in the polls this is playing against them I think the hope now is to mock him up so much such a damaged candidate they have a better chance of twenty twenty well yeah but even then I mean you eat after after so many weeks of talking about quid pro quo extortion bribery your available no doubt it's example link it term I mean the abuse of power what did I don't know did did captain nabs get shot down when he proposed also calling him a poo poo PP head I mean what what exactly is going on here little pencil lead out of him but he was the one making a statement today how yeah he says this could take awhile because of potential court battles and well he's not worried about the political fallout okay argument why don't you just wait amounts to this why don't you just let him cheat in one more election why not let him treat just one more time what why not let him have for help just one more time that is what that argument amounts to what was he talking about he's saying this is if we were all asleep at the wheel of a motor report dropped is it is it what one more time would suggest that he solicited the help from a foreign entity the first time around which one that only only reason he got elected which would be going back to the Russia investigation which was a big old nothing burger for the Democrats right but I suppose when your in concert with the media and they keep throwing it out there that there are enough people that believe it that in the end it works for you is it like I said before it's not working in the polling that's the biggest problem right now I know it's not a big surprise but I gotta admit watching it today even though you know what's going to happen it's a very I think it really is because okay here's the naive small town kid in me that grows up and you know there's a difference between Republicans and Democrats and they fight over the issues but in the end they all want what's best for America right and if you still have that illusion it is freaking toast today because it's all about politics that's all that freaking charade was yes it was and it's an insult to people's intelligence to say anything other than that the whole president left us no choice you pencil next kept up it is just it's it is it's not the eighty I think you I think you're echoing when a lot of people think right now I mean your eyes are glazed over and I just we just had enough I think if you look you take the long view of this though and I kind of I I admitted I laughed when I saw that they're settling on such a broad term is abuse of power I thought that's funny because the heat I mean they they could not make a convincing argument of of what they thought they were going to be able to do which was extortion and bribery and all that stuff right and I I I just had to laugh when they wed with something so broad and just basically we don't admitting we don't like the guy because there is a scary part to me because I'm moving down the road if you can just say and it's normal to say we're going to impeach him because abuse of power that is such a subjective way of looking at things I mean the views of power like what I mean giving the Iranians a palette of cash in exchange for hostages freeing terrorists in exchange for a deserter and I'm not saying Barack Obama should have been impeached for that but you could make the argument that's an abuse of power one option we won a trip on airforce one you know here's the other thing and I know this is been said before it's so simple but I wonder if it was not used enough from the Republican side to go back to just one statement was there a reason to be suspicious of Joe Biden hunter Biden with the reason buffet in Ukraine was the reason to be suspicious absolutely you don't have to say they're guilty of anything not yet but to say suspicious absolutely one of the people involved in this wasn't the whistle blower per se but one of the people who raised concerns about that phone call with the president of Ukraine if you remember during testimony admitted at the time she had no idea what the context of that comment was she had never heard about Joe Biden hunter Biden and Teresa in you right she had no idea so if you can say well yeah I it's not a good look when you've got the vice president's son that took over this job in a field he knows nothing about after Biden's been over there and we know that's a corrupt country so to say is there at least reason to be suspicious and the answer is yes then this whole thing's done it's over yeah the president could do whatever he wants to do and yes ask for some help pay can you look into that thank you know that worries me thank you this whole thing's done this is just a yes man what everybody knows that the pays attention the end of the people that don't pay attention they don't care shows up in Bowling I don't know if you saw this story but this is the way it works out early November poll this is by the democratic polling group global strategy found that forty two percent were undecided when it comes to impeachment okay of that forty two percent twelve percent said that they now support impeachment following all of the weeks so the undecideds you only got twelve out of forty two everybody else either still undecided or this is B. S. it has worked in reverse yeah that kind of batting average get you sent back to triple way yes Susan or just out of baseball and so they asked them what what about this impeachment stuff and they said they don't care they want to focus on quote bread and butter economic issues so this whole thing doesn't even matter to the swing voters they're on the side of him and I think it does in some ways come back to what everyone has said before is right now if you look at the democratic field what are you running against on trump it's not the economy now what is that he tweets bad things well it's all the social stuff yeah that's it it's back to your same talking point right but it's not working for the candidates they see what it's like in all the swing states there's nobody that can beat him except Biden and even that's backwards now after this impeachment stuff he's not beating bite in those swing states there are a host that's the part that I just laugh at were Biden said today that he didn't always kid was there and on the border in there that night nobody believes that didn't and I ask you this question if you're a parent do you know what your kid does for a living if they're grown up probably do I know what my daughter does I'm not going really she's a mechanic I didn't know that well especially when you spend time in this particular country yes and then your kids starts working in that country that doesn't come up in conversation never didn't know what to I don't know I thought if we're gonna swear to that's the part I mean it's a joke I glad that is a joke there's another part two trillion fury yeah so you're telling me David the news really can't figure out the IG report yeah which is a separate issue that came out yesterday yeah this was the report on how the FBI was able to get FISA warrants to keep tabs on the trump campaign adviser Carter page and that's out what it says in short is the FBI they didn't find anything wrong and and Michelle wie starting an investigation into whether trump campaign members were working with the Russians however once it got going FBI officials repeatedly lied to get secret surveillance warrants to keep tabs on Carter page they also say that they never found any documentary evidence that political bias motivated the start of this this proceeding but in plain English that means no one in charge of this left a paper trail saying we were doing this to get trump and the bigger story from the I. G. aside from politics as we need to rethink how much leeway we give the federal government when it comes to the surveillance of American citizens I mean come on man what's the headline that everybody starts with well they found out from the IG report the FBI had every reason yeah but but that's not what the IG said I know it's because the media is in concert with this party I thought actually the the news coverage was jarring to be because to some it was a vindication of trump others a vindication of the FBI and the truth is will it was really neither but everybody just wants to pick up their talking points and go I thought this is a sample of how the news media treated this this montage sort of ping pong back and forth between media members reporting that the worst corruption the FBI but then turning around and saying there was nothing wrong okay the report outlines some very some significant errors made by FBI.

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