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C adjustable bed. Did your craft Matic progress watch TV and bad, But we all had various guesses throughout the show. So you thought it was one person and then that person gets voted off and then we just kept bouncing around. And so that alone is an interesting way to do it. By the way, they also bring up pictures. They'll say, Here's another clue about the hustler. The Hustler owns three chickens, and there's a live video. This is their chicken coop right now. And then you have to. You have to play it off, right? You There's so many opportunities where they have to bluff and then double down on the bluff and double down on the bluff. And so And then you want it once they reveal it. At the very end of the game, they say, Well, the real hustler stand up and make it dramatic weight about 10 seconds and that person stands up and it's crazy because when the hustler stood up last night He stood up and smiled. But he just lost 160 grand and the other two people. Then, as a result of that got 80,000, including Bree, the teacher from Robin's Dale here in Minnesota High school teacher and I thought she was the hustler. I started thinking Nope. She is bluffing. She's playing this I and then I was a total misread. So I like games or you have to sort of guests and thank your way through in the reveal doesn't come until the end, and you're never quite sure. And in the final seconds is there pointing breeze about the flipper vote from who she thinks the hustler is? And then there is it really reminded us again of the game Mafia where someone is about to get voted off. And then you're saying, Listen, if you do this if you vote me off right now, this game is going to end because then there's gonna be too many Mafia members but the blood and in this case, he said, if you vote me off, we leave with no money. He is the hustler you have. Don't change your mind now. She's got all this pressure on her. Her vote swayed the game. Luckily, she voted right So again, it's called the Hustler. It's on ABC. It's an hour long. I wonder if it will. You know they're good concept. Well in their packaging it in the midst of like a game game of pollution that they're doing on ABC right now, because the hustlers out on Ben the Chase with Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James holes, our the Jeopardy guys. The Chase premieres on Thursday night. And this is where it's a group of people fighting against either James or can or Brad. They'll rotate nights, but that seems like a cool trivia game as well. And name. That tune is coming back on Fox yet tonight. Good. Oh, yes. Oh, that would be really fun. I believe. Oh, God. Randy Jackson. Does that sound right? Yep. Is some music He's the music director. I can't remember who's hosting it. Data to name that tune Name. That kid Jane Krakowski Love her. I can name that tune and seven notes. I used to watch that shows the kid and really liked him. Was really fun. Just like Randy Jackson. Yeah. Okay, so it'll be nice to see these familiar faces. That's great. Yeah. Okay. We have you watched any of jeopardy by the way? No, I still haven't. Are you recording this week? No, I keep forgetting the record. Greatly to Sam. I know..

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