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M s u jainal six uh university those are two great outcomes as we go for easy and i'm up outside i'm about solving problems about solving problems i don't worry about the drama the press or eight is so far every one of them issue cooperating would you say 100 percent fifty percent what we say finance a fair question i'm i'm very confident will work everything out it and we never get into the details are the fine points investigation it's it's it's better that way you know whether it's doesn't matter what the investigation is whenever we don't get at the end of the news at universities responsibility to hire a law firm including the one the move that two former mission of governor james blanchard is a part of well that's that's up to michigan state university i think one of the uh accountability issues is that now we need to modernize how uh university ford sir uh determined at michigan state university michigan of state twelve of the fifteen universities are appointed by the governor and whether that governors grand home angler snyder the doesn't matter i think we ought to have that in terms of accountability and governance at michigan state university of michigan away states it's time to modernize those three remaining boards are springing into the twentyfirst century and then very quickly take that had off uh although if this is part of being attorney general but it's also part of being a gubernatorial candidate you will do wanna make michigan first in the nation for a government ethics you do have a new uh ethics plan under the headline a building trust in government now or risk losing it forever give us your eight step ethics plan well thanks you don't number one is really your tax church id.

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